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Is my cat going into heat?

September 7th, 2007, 05:28 PM
Last night she started acting funny. She was getting real affectionate, even more so than I'm used to. Then when I went to bed things got real weird. At least three times I awoke to a kitten mewing pitifully. I found she'd dragged one of her babys across the room. So I'd move it (because it was always where I might step on it when I woke up) and return it to it's siblings. She never attempted to move more than one and seemed to pick different ones each time.

Then later on in the night she started meowing at me until I woke. After checking over her cat little box, feeding her, and checking on her kittens I would find nothing was out of the ordinary. Yet I knew soon enough she'd do it again.

This has gone on ALL night long and when I talked to my sister, she said 'she's probably going into heat'. Are these signs of her going into heat? Or is it something else entirely?