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my cat is bleeding

September 6th, 2007, 06:05 PM
I have two american shorthairs. one male and one female. Today, when i was checking their sand, i saw some drips of blood in both in the sand and on floor. It is not a constant thing. It is my first time to see my cat bleed. I am not sure which one bleed, the male or female... they are not sprayed, they are about 4 months old. They also moved to three new places and recently they rode airplane with me b/c i had to move. I heard that cats sometimes bleed when they are in stress.. could you guys tell me what is causing my cat to bleed.?
Thank you very much for your help and advices guys.

September 6th, 2007, 06:59 PM
Is it possible one of your cats has a UTI? Have you noticed either of them straining to urinate or urinating frequently? Is your female showing other signs that she may be entering her first heat?

I would take both of them to the vet for a check up asap if it were me.

September 7th, 2007, 02:41 AM
Kittens can come into heat as early as 4 months old which is much too young for her to become a mother. :eek: Please take both your kittens to the vet asap and have them spayed and neutered :pawprint: .