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Random Raw Questions

September 3rd, 2007, 03:45 PM
dirt doesnt hurt? i feed Mister outside. he gets it all dirty. i dont really care but should i?

eggs with the shell on provide enough calcium, phospherous (or how ever you spell that) and botin to correct the botin deficiency right? hows the magnesium in eggs?

fish bones in a COOKED fish ok? i pull the spines/fins out and the head/gill plates and the spine. Mister gets the heads but if i recall correctly PEOPLE eat cooked fish bones. whats the cal to phos ratio?

can i feed one calcium loaded meal a week to make up for shorting the cats through out the week? i dont mean drastically but im feeding them chicken leg and thigh along with some thigh meat which makes the cal a little low or just even through out the week. when i feed them fish its with the bones removed and adding several whole eggs. if i add an extra bit of calcium via egg shells once a week?

when it says to freeze meats before feeding for parasites, how low of a temp does it need to kill the parasites. our freezer is set at -5f.

im also starting a thread concerning Shadows crystals in the health forum. :)