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When is it ok to back off?

August 28th, 2007, 08:53 PM
I know I am gonna sound like a first time dog owner but in teh other place we lived when i was training Quincy the door he used was right in the family room so it was so much easier.

Laddie is doing great on housetraining, he doesn't let me know when he wants out I just take him out about every 90 mins to 2hrs and wait til he goes. being a hairless its easier to see if he has to poop b/c his anus will protrude a tad. I woudl like to start making him wait a little longer maybe 3 hrs than gradually to 4, no more than 4 usually as I work from home. He does hold it all night he is to lazy to get out of bed once he is asleep so he just waits lol. He is just 6 months old.

I would also like him to let me know he needs to go. Quincy does the stare when he does that i ask wanna go out and if he does he gets all jumpy and excited. If I ask laddie he just looks at me and doesn't do anything.

ALSO, this is odd to me, if I lock Laddie in the kitchen when I leave he poops, 3x i taped him doing so within 2 mins of me leaving. So i decided to try NOT locking him in and seeing what happens and so far NO poop when he is not locked up. I cannot use a kennel with him b/c where he came from he was taught to go to the loo IN the kennel, so the kennel is no good for him. The kitchen is HUGE so not liek a kennel at all, Im just not sure why he poops in there with a few mins of me leaving but if he has free roam he doesn't.