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old Dog with seizures

August 28th, 2007, 08:20 AM
My dog is a 14 year old mini poodle, has had seizures occasionally for many years (once or twice a year) and vet said to wait until regular, maybe 3 or 4 a week to put on medication , once on medication the dog must always stay on it. In past year the dog has had about 4 seizures and his hind quarters are no longer reliable but he still walks, jumps around like normal. A few weeks ago in a heat wave he had 7 seizures in 4 days, I put him on a homeopathic remedy which seemed to help, no more seizures. But 3 days ago we think he had a couple in a day as he was doing the pacing thing and had also lost control of bowels. Now he sometimes pees in house in front of door and is shivering, also not interested in his food but will eat human food, very little drinking. I wondered witht he food disinterest if he was shutting down voluntarily and if so that maybe I should let him die at home, he has had such a great life but he's not having fun now and phenobarbitol apparently changes their personality, but if he is suffering perhaps I should put him down. Vet has said there is no pain involved with seizures. Has not had blood work but has been to vet on regular basis for this condition including last week before this last attack. He is not complaining at all.

August 28th, 2007, 09:15 AM
Given the weakness in his hind quarters and the incontinence, it would appear the seizures have resulted in a neurological deficit (his brain and nervous system isn't working as it used to). This will progress with increased seizure activity and severity. While true that there is no pain in the actual seizure (other than the physical trauma caused by the convulsions ie. bruising, swelling), they can be very frightening and disorienting for dogs. Dogs are very stoic and unlikely to complain. That's a tough decision ~only you can judge your dog 's quality of life and enjoyment in life. I'm sure you'll do the very best for your dog.