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Raw and Eagle Brand Holistic and Crystals

August 26th, 2007, 09:40 PM
the school year started up, im working, Jeffrey is getting bigger... house is getting busier.

we picked up some Eagle Brand Holistic cat food for Shadow for his hunger strike. how do you guys feel about that in the mornign and the raw meat in the evening?

same deal for Mister??

im a really firm believer in a raw diet, its just a fair bit of clean up and work when everythign is going on. i think mopping once a day is enough for this girl!!! i guess i can give it a shot and see if we dont see a real decrease in the pets health. we have just been so happy with the changes in them. id hate to see them get fat and lazy again.

also, Shadow has the 'S' crystals. its suggested leafy green things, oranges, cranberries, extra water and fiber. i SUSPECT he ended up with the crystals because he got constipated(too much calcium) and then stopped eating and drinking. thats just a guess though. any issues with feeding him mandarin oranges? he *loves* them. he also likes leafy green things and is eating wet food souped up... im just worried, its very tough to find out what he is doing pooping and peeing.


August 27th, 2007, 03:23 AM
I feed Eagle Brand Holistic, all my boys love it and the ingredients, to my untrained eye, look pretty damn good. None of them seem to have packed on any extra weight as a result. Even if you fed it full-time, with some healthy treats thrown in, I don't see a downside.
If you're worried about them getting enough liquid, you could supplement with some canned morning and evening, it doesn't have to be an expensive variety.
As for mandarins or other unusual tastes, everything in moderation is my my motto. My sister has a Siamese who turns himself inside out for corn - take THAT, corn-phobes! - but he only gets a tablespoon.
I agree with multiple cats it is very hard to track their litterbox habits - a good indicator of general health - even though I'm a first-rate spy.

August 27th, 2007, 07:10 AM
thanks Badger! i thought everythign in it looked well enough too. the vet i went to last monday sells it (OH MY GOSH!!) and thought pretty highly of it and its price. ;) they were pretty.... "progressive" was the word she used?

anyways, i dont think i want to quit the raw, its worked miracles with my cats so far, its just a heck of a clean up with the one that has to drag his everywhere. doing that twice a day has been a real handful.

as for the funky things- well he really LIKES the mandarin oranges but my angle is really the crystals with that. THANKFULLY he likes things like oranges and leafy green things, it makes my job easier. i just wasnt sure if there were issues with him getting too much vitamin C or what is too much. we need to acidify his pee and quickly... i *refuse* to feed him Hills. there *has* to be alternatives. lol!