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Frances At The Adopt-a-thon

August 26th, 2007, 08:23 PM
it was horrible. she hid under my jacket in that cage half the time we were there. she came out about 3 hours into it and decided to be a little social... ok so she slept that stressed out sleep. THEN she got her microchipping done, the rest of her vaccinations done... :cry:

a really nice couple was interested in her. poopy. i did my best to point out the other cats, put her in a bottom cage... :sad: :sad:

they said they already had a cat who was 2yo and very active. wanted a buddy for him. had some really great questions... seemed like nice people. :cry:

came home with her... she was a real trooper!! well, on the way home i had a friend call to find out how the day went, we talked into the drive way. well hell, im not even sitting in the drive way for a minute and Chris comes out to tell me that Hunter (the pica, emotional one) pitched an unholy fit when we left the house with his girl. *sigh* Chris said he spent almost 3 hours running around and caterwalling.

right now she is snoozing in the middle of the floor like she owns the place (which she just about does).

its been a super long day. im heading to bed!