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I wanted to say hi and introduce my family

August 24th, 2007, 02:34 AM
Hey everybody, my name is Lisa, and I am a student at Baylor University. I have a great husband, two fun sassy daughters, and a little boy on the way.
I have 4 dogs, 2 cats, and 2 ferrets.
I guess I'll start with the oldest dog, Febe. She is a 13 year Golden Lab. She has always been the mothering one of the group.
Athena, is a mutt my sister found in an ant bed. She is a very funny dog. She actually tries to smile. I know she just trying to tell me she is happy, but it looks funny.
Lady is a 3 year old Miniature Schnauzer. She is full of it. She has no concept of personal space, and likes to invade at will. We almost lost her earlier in the year from kidney failure. We did feed our dogs Alpo, and because she is the smallest, it affected her the worst. She was at the vets for 3 days getting her kidneys flushed. She is ok now, but will never have full kidney function.
Tank, is 9 month old American Bulldog mix . Someone actually dumped him near my house. He was skin and bones, and in terrible shape. I've had him now for two months and turning into one good looking dog.
Heidi, is a very large, not fat, large cat my husband found at work.
Pickles, is a cat my daughter found outside while playing one day. She walked in the door with a tiny kitten, that had barely opened her eyes. I asked her where she found it and she said, i don't know. So with heavy sarcasm, I said, great now we are going to have to keep her. She then said, ok great I'll go get the other two. She was instantly banned from going outside that day.
Lastly the ferrets, Diego and Scratches. Ferrets are very funny animals. Not much for cuddling but great to watch. I'm just glad I know all there secret stashes.
Tank, is my concern right now. He is finally happy and trusting of people. He is starting to show his colors. He is making me turn red, because he chews everything. I buy him a toy every time I go to the store. I also give him ham hocks every other day. He grabs things to chew right in front of me. I don't want to spank or yell at him, because he was heavily abused as a puppy. My vet thinks it's possible he was used as a bait dog and then discarded. He has so many scars all over his body. Most you can't see because of the fur, but the ones on the leg and stomach are highly visible. Uhh, wow, that makes my stomach turn to think about all pain he was forced to bear in his tiny life. Any help or suggestions would be heavily appreciated.

By the way that's Tank and his battle scars.

August 24th, 2007, 09:35 AM
Hi, Lisa! Welcome to the board!

Tank is a sweetheart--but we must also see the rest of your furfamily! :D We're very demanding that way :o We all love pics!

Tank is 9 months, eh? We have an 11-month-old who is just coming out of that mouthy stage...and a new 22-month-old that is right in the midst of that phase. :D I've found that with consistent correction and proper supervision, most dogs get over that 'chewing urge' after a while. It's hard to keep your temper sometimes, though, when it's the heirloom dining room table your MIL loaned your hubby... :rolleyes: (Yep...been there...had to explain that... :o)

Is Tank crate trained? That will go a long way in eliminating the damage that occurs while you're not at home.

Good luck! I'm sure there will be others chiming in with their training tips who have lots more experience than ol' hazel does. :D In fact--you might want to repost your question in the training forum, since you're more likely to get some good advice there! :thumbs up

August 24th, 2007, 09:37 AM
how people can use such innocent animals in such a cruel way is beyond me!! :yell: :wall:

He is very cute and adorable :lovestruck: welcome to the board.

August 24th, 2007, 09:49 AM

wow, sounds like a wonderful family! can't wait to see pics of each and every one of them!

that's a very sad story of little Tank, but thank heavens for you and your family! He's totally adorable!!!! and no doubt very happy to have a loving family like yours.

you'll get lots of helpful tips here I'm sure! so again, welcome aboard!