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Low but stable platelet count in cat?

August 22nd, 2007, 02:14 PM
Hello all,

I have several cats. One of them Bagheera has a low platelet count of 211.

The normal range is 300 - 700 x 100,000 ul so this is not necessarily very low but I was wondering if anyone has any input on this.

A couple of weeks ago Bagheera's platelets were 355 (normal range), one week ago they were 206 and yesterday they were 211.

Bagheera is on prednisilone and clavamox. His brother recently died if FIP and he has a positive coronavirus titer so we are monitoring his progress and keeping him on a low prednisilone dose as well as the clavamox just in case. He has an elevated wbc count due but that could be the prednisilone. There are no other symptoms present. He is eating well and gaining weight and has a good activity level for a 10 month old kitten.

Any thoughts. Is this platelet count ok as long as it remains stable? My vet is not in the office today and I wanted to ask this question today.

Thanks Very Much,
Jennifer W.