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Cysts on a hound/shepherd mix

August 21st, 2007, 06:37 PM
OK, this isn't my dog, but I thought I would ask as it is my sister's dog.

Jesse, the dog, is an 11 year old shepherd/hound dog mix. Jesse keeps getting these huge cysts on her body (externally). They are these unsightly bubbles of skin that make her look, well, unsightly. My sister said her vet said, "Hound/hound mixes are prone to cysts as they age." Personally, I think that is a cop out statement. Isn't there some kind of diet or something she could do for Jesse? There is no way on God's green earth she would ever make food for the dog. She works and has a house husband (who IMO is a worthless chump - another issue altogether). She used to buy Jesse good food when Jesse was younger - Nutro (not great, but not totally horrible) and Jesse looked fine. But since she's had children, her husband buys the dog Beneful or something of similar lower quality, and the dog gets cysts all the time, but she is eleven. The bottom line is, every six months Jesse has to go to the vet to get these huge cysts removed. It must be expensive! Could the low quality food be the problem, or is it TRUE that cysts are common in hounds?? Anyone have hounds with cysts??

August 21st, 2007, 07:45 PM
I have a Border Collie/ Newf who has a recurrent large cyst which we periodically drain. Luckily he's a furball so it's not all that noticeable. Some of it may have to do with poor diet and overall health but it's also a fact of aging ~ dogs get more lumps and bumps.