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Help cat catcher

May 16th, 2004, 08:06 PM
I would like any advice/information on a situation that has developed with our board of directors in our condominium regarding cats.

The small township I live in allows cats to be at large. I don't want this to become a debate on the ethics of letting a cat out.

Recently our board in our condo has told the super to catch any cats and bring them to the humane society and the board will pay him $10 per cat. This man would be actively trying to earn money to catch cats of neighbours that he knows they belong to. All issues of whether they should or should not be roaming aside, legally in this area they are allowed to roam.

I would like any advice on what can be done, if animal control were aware of this than would they do anything? This seems horribly wrong to me, as it is a waste of valuable resources and in the end people would not be fined as they are not in violation of any by-laws.

Bill & Bob
May 16th, 2004, 09:20 PM
Interesting question. I've heard of this before on a news magazine on TV. There's actually a guy who runs a pro-cat organization down in the states somewhere that was paying people more money to NOT take the cat to the humane society. Very funny.

Anyhoo, is the humane society actually accepting the cats when they are brought there? If so, aren't they doing so outside of their mandate since it's legal for the cats to roam about without being APREHENDED by the moron who's being paid a bounty of ten bucks per head? I would talk to the city staff about the fact that a board of directors of your condo is paying an employee to enforce a bylaw that doesn't exist. I wonder if that's a breach of your tenancy act of your province/state? Or perhaps a breach of the condo bylaws? Strata bylaws? Who elected the Board of Directors?

Anyhoo, I should think what they are doing is against the law. That's almost like kidnapping in a way. They are taking custody and control of an animal that is lawfully at large in their neighbourhood and they have no claim of ownership of the animal.

May 16th, 2004, 09:41 PM
if you have a cat please dont let it go anywhere, what a bunch of pigs. how could they do that? and if they have a catcher how do you know he wont pick on peoples pets for money?? $10 a cat isnt much so he would want a few to make it worthwhile. if i were you i would kick and scream at that board till i drove them crazy (find all other pet owners and start a campaign asap) and i would hunt down that cat catcher and give him a really good kick in the shins :mad: :mad:

Lucky Rescue
May 16th, 2004, 09:48 PM
That is horrible! Unfortunately, I don't know if much be done, since people are allowed to trap cats who are on their property and remove them.:(

No one can prove that the person trapping them knows they have homes or knows who the owners are.

I would advise people to make sure their cats have a collar with tags and a microchip,keep their cats indoors, or take them out on leashes.

I don't know of any other solution.

May 16th, 2004, 09:53 PM
I have heard that this matter was just discussed at the most recent meeting of the board and have not heard of any actual cases of a caught cat. I would imagine that the super will pass it off as a stray to the humane society.

I just heard about it today so I plan to check into it tomorrow when the township offices and humane society is open.

The issue is residents that don't like the cats in gardens etc. (understand this). Living in harmony in condominiums can be difficult with pets and this issue is always a hot topic at annual meetings.

The condo has a bylaw regarding pets being loose, and they can't enforce it because the townships bylaws are contrary to the condos so animal control will not come out and take any cats. I'm not sure what the right route would be for this condo bylaw to be enforced, but I too think it would be illegal to catch a cat and pass it off as a stray to a shelter.

We as owners elected these morons!

Of course all of these cats don't necessarily belong to people who are residents of the condominiums, there are single dwellings adjacent to the property as well. Other cats in the township are not even subject to the condos bylaw.

To pay this guy $10 per cat?? is he going to actively pursue these cats on peoples front steps? This just seems insane to me!

May 17th, 2004, 07:56 AM
Dee,although I do definetly not agree with letting your cats roam free on their own,a beautiful Calico-cat was scraped off my street just the other day,as long as there is no by-law prohibiting roaming cats,they do not have a legal foot to stand on.
Whoever is paying this moron $10/cat should be charge and owners should microcip ad collar their cats,or better yet keep them safe inside,or supervise their outings.
Where is this going on??

May 17th, 2004, 08:42 AM
This is in Amherstview, just outside of Kingston, in a separate township from Kingston. I emailed the township clerk last night and received confirmation from them that there are no bylaws in regards to cats in our township. I have left a message today for them to call me to discuss this today.

This isn't in regards to my cat personally, but I have issue with my condo board as a pet owner because I don't think people should take out their own agenda personally in this way. Some people on the board have said they don't like cats and dogs at all.

I am considering trying to have the condo board change their bylaw to reflect the townships current status rather than trying to enforce something which they can't legally really enforce without these ridiculous means. In doing this though, I am afraid that it will be lost if not enough people support this.

May 17th, 2004, 07:58 PM
Just an update:

I called the township today and confirmed that they have no bylaws in regards to cats. However, we are private property and the condo can make its own rules. So I have decided to use the condominium act and get 15% of owners to call a meeting to amend our bylaw in order to read something like "currently there are no bylaws concerning cats in this township and in keeping with that the condominium will adopt the same stance until such time that the township creates a bylaw"

My purpose is simply to prevent certain individuals from running around taking cats who do have loving homes and getting paid to dump them at the humane society.

I only need a total of 8 people to force the issue in order to vote and I have 10 so far. This means if a majority rules in this the Board has no choice the rule has to be changed. Heck what is there to lose? The worst is it remains the same.

May 17th, 2004, 08:03 PM
you go girl, dont let anyone sway you, bully you or put you off your intended target. nothing in the world would change if good people did not stand up for what is right and fair. keep at it, you have our full support here.

May 18th, 2004, 07:13 AM
Dee,you have my full support also,don't give up!! How about getting the story into the local newspaper?
Catching roaming cats,just makes no sense,unless they are abandoned and suffering.The catcher will get their $10,HS will get their fee,once the owners pick their cat up,if they do.
Often people who let their cats roam the neighborhood,don't bother getting their cats out of shelters and then the result of this sordid story will be the cats demise :mad:
I am surprised HS has not done something about this,I am sure they already have more than enough cats.
As for Condos,my son lives in one with his Jack Russel,there too the dogs are not allowed on the lawns,although pets are allowed in the buildings and the Condo owners just got hit with an extra $425 in Condo-fees for maintenance to a 5-year old building,if it is not the grass there is something else,so my son is looking to sell.