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Black&White Cat "Jezi"

August 20th, 2007, 12:18 PM
Im new to this site, as of today but i'm already finding it great lol..well here's an introduction to Jezi

About a month ago I found a young black and white cat probably around a year old, roaming near my house. I gave her some food but she gave me the impression that she already had a home(affectionate,clean, etc) Well she wouldn't leave. It started raining heavily one night and who's at the back door meowing...I guess that night grew into a bigger commitment to find her owners. No luck. But a man who lives about 4 streets away took her in. Unfortunetly it isn't a happy ending as he no longer wants her because when he puts her outside she wants to come in..?!

Well in some kind of effort here's Jezi..

*I'd really appreciate any advice on what I should do, bring her to a shelter, continue an effort to find her 'family', what if they don't want her?? Too many questions for my non-rescuer mind to handle lol..ugh worst part is she's soo sweet, affectionate, laid back and adorable.

August 20th, 2007, 01:46 PM
Where are you located? Did you post her picture in the neighbourhood or call the SPCA/Berger Blanc to see if someone is looking for her? I would do both, even if it's a long shot. She may well have been dumped, in which case no-one but you is looking out for this poor girl.

Here are some sites you can also post on:

I don't recommend the SPCA, in fact I can't think of a situation where I would be desperate enough to take a cat up there. Being so cuddly, she might make it into the adoption room and a good family might find her. Might. Because overcrowding and stress increase the chance of cats getting sick, she might also pick up a bug. They don't treat sick cats up there, if you get my drift.

If the owner doesn't surface (likely), can you not keep her, at least until you find her a proper home (and I don't mean hanging around someone's yard and being refused entry. What was that guy thinking?)

She's already captured your heart and you've given her a name. Sounds pretty permanent to me :)

August 20th, 2007, 02:03 PM
Looks like she has made herself quite at home lol. Please don't take her to the shelter. She may get overlooked for adoption because of her age and it is an extremely stressful place for animals, including high risk of illness.

Call vets and the shelter in your local area to let them know you have found this cat. Somebody is probably looking for her.

She looks very pretty.

August 20th, 2007, 02:30 PM
Thanks for the advice and all the links. I'm going to try my best to see if she has an owner already. I lost my cat once for 21 days, I remember looking at all the shelters, internet, everywhere for my cat. Worst days of my life. She ended up coming back while we where eating diner one day..:cloud9: I really hope Jezi could have a reunion like that with her owners cause I know the heartache loosing a pet is. But unfortunetly I do think that if she had owners they dumped her.

She's living with a family member now, a good pick since he loves cats. Only problem is he has 2 cats who arn't fond of Jezi, but I guess everything takes time. I would of LOVED to keep her except my cat would probably kill a cat who enters her territory(loves people, hates her kind lol) And upstaires is for the foster cats and we're getting a litter today.

Thanks again for the advice!!I'll keep trying to see if maybe she does have an owner who is missing her..