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Help with New Puppy

May 16th, 2004, 07:57 AM
Our new shelter puppy Abbey is about 6 mos. old and we've had her about 2 mos. She is biting everything and anything she can get ahold of. She has lots of toys and we always tell her no when it starts and reward her when it stops, but she just keeps biting. It's actually more nipping than biting but it still hurts. She's a Shep/Collie? cross and I know she's going to be a wonderful dog, in fact that's my new mantra - "In a Year I Know You're Going to A Wonderful Dog". In the meantime I am losing my mind and sometimes my patience. I've had other puppies and they didn't seem to chew as much as this one. How long does this last, (I can't remember )? My husbanc suggested a muzzle for now, but I said that it wouldn't teach her not to nip, and that's what it's all about, teaching her.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated. :confused:

May 16th, 2004, 08:21 AM
You're in west hill with a 6mon old pup, I'm just west of you also in Scarborough with a 5 and 1/2 month old Colliex (small world dear :D)

Anyway there are some issues to address with regards to teething, socialization and alpha behaviour.

#1 She needs a bone to chew on
(has she lost all her puppy teeth yet)
#2 Have you socialized her with other pups and dogs since you got her?
#3 When does she nip at you? During play?

When nipping at 'you' simply stand up and pretend she doesn't exsist.
Dont' reward her with ANY command. Simply get up turn your back, hide your hands and ignore her. DO NOT make eye contact! She may jump up a few times or bark at you IGNORE IT!

Ignore the behaviour until she settles down and relaxes or stops it, then get a toy...and play with her.

NO TUG OF WAR!!! EVER! It teaches your dog to be aggressive with you and your hands. Fetch, ball anything but tug of war!

Exercise, lots of it. Not just walks, lots of running and playing fetch outside.
She has to socialize with other dogs and you have to take her around as many different dogs and people as you can.

About the chewing things in the house, part of it's just growing up and will slowly go away.

My Sadie is scratching at carpet and eating shoes but we just hide the shoes and take her away from the carpet.

Sometimes they're just bored, so play with them and keep them active.

Everything is new and exploring...this is their first year remember and theyr'e gonna try everything and anything. Your dog has collie in her, she may 'nip' because of breeding. Collies are herding dogs and nip at the feet of sheep who aren't doing what they want them to.

Start showing some alpha behaviour yourself and have a routine.
Feed same times every day and go for long play periods to the point that she's all pooped out.

When you prepare her meal on the counter, place a piece of cracker or toast behind her bowl. Eat it first yourself. When you are done take her to the same spot (prefer her crate) and make her sit and wait for her meal. Then put it down. When she's finished take the bowl away.

Don't heavily exercise before or after a meal for about an hour, larger breeds are prone to bloat which is deadly. Never elevate her bowl for the same reason. Take her out to go to the w/r within this hour but no heavy exercise. :D

Socializing is going to make a huge difference, as is activity.

Remember, ANY attention you give her when she is biting is rewarding her!! Even if it's negative. Never smack her, yell or shove her. Simply get up and avoid the behaviour. She'll soon get the point that when she nips/bites she is ignored. Thats no fun!

Edited to add this info: