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New Kitten I need help

August 17th, 2007, 12:44 AM
Hey There everyone! I just got a little Kitten yesterday. The person I got the little guy from had found him and a few others in a box outside of her apartment. So sad! Anyways...I took the little guy in and I feel that he may have been taken away from his mom a little early just by how needy he seems to be. Well I bought him some soft food and he seems to be taking to that pretty well, its just the drinking. i dont thnk he really knows how to drink. He tries, but gets his nose wet and runs off. He is also getting alittle bit of diarhea (think I spelled that wrong). Does anyone know how I can teach him to drink water? I am a little worried about him. If anyone can help that would be famulous. Thankyou for all of your time.

August 17th, 2007, 06:41 AM
Congratulations on your new addition in your family.

If you are concerned about his drinking just add a little water to his canned food and that should be sufficient. Cats don't drink nearly as much water as dogs and therefore should only be fed canned food.

The kitten should be taken to a Vet ASAP for deworming, first shots and a general check up to ensure he is healthy.

Please ensure kitty has adequate scratching posts in areas in the home that is occupied the most to avoid him scratching your furniture/climbing curtains.

For the health and safety of your kitty, please get him neutered before 6 months and keep him inside and only allow him out if he is supervised. Unaltered males have a tendency to spray unrine in your house to mark their territory, and to wonder, plus altered animals make much better pets.

Good luck with your new furkid and please post pictures if you can.

kashtin's kin
August 18th, 2007, 02:03 AM
Good for you for taking in a critter in need :angel: . I hope things are going all right so far; there's some good advice posted above, and there are more BB members who have experience with very young kittens...hopefully you will get more support and advice (I've gotten tons regarding feral cats).

Keep posting here with updates, and if you can post a picture too, that always seems to make your 'story' even more real; us BB'ers love furkid photos :thumbs up . If something arises and you can't wait for anyone here to respond, do seek more immediate help...hopefully that won't be necessary. (I know there's a lot of time and energy needed especially with a very young animal, but the effort you expend pays dividends i.e. that human/critter bond.)

And if you end up with some vet bills and wonder where the money will come from...join the club:rolleyes: . I'll bet a large percentage of folks on this BB have given some little luxuries (i.e. human food?!) up at some point in order to help our critters. Hope that doesn't scare you off!! I'm sure all of us would 'do it all over again'!

Good luck...and do keep us posted; as I said, there are loads of helpful and encouraging people on this board :D . (Sometimes some of them are just asleep, or at work!)

kashtin's kin
August 18th, 2007, 05:40 PM
Hope things are going okay with the kitty? Just thought I'd mention there was a thread a short time ago regarding someone who had questions about looking after a few very young kittens whose mother had been hit by a car. (This thread is now on page 3...maybe BB'ers are 'burned out' right now from helping with advice on that thread??).

Anyhow, someone posted a really good link with young kitten care info...I thought I'd re-post it here: . The Alley Cat Allies folks in Maryland are a great cat resource; got lots of my feral info there. Keep us posted on what's happening with you, if you can. :fingerscr