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Muscle Degeneration

golden girl
August 16th, 2007, 11:17 PM
I have a 13 yr old golden retriever :dog: with mast cell cancer.:mad: She was diagnosed last May(06):sad: when we had a mammary tumor removed, she recently developed a whole bunch of tumors around her neck and a large mass in he lower abdomen. I have a great vet who is very knowledgable about this type of cancer. She was put on a long term prednisone therapy treatment for her cancer and it is working wonderfully all of her lumps and the mass in her abdomen have disappeared but it is causing muscle degeneration (side effect of prednisone) in her back legs.:confused: BIG problem because she is a big dog, not fat - just big. Has anybody else had this problem?? Any suggestions?? Also has anyone tried the Cartrophen Vet Injections for arthritis??:dog: