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Request for Paddington pics, Frenchy!

August 13th, 2007, 04:48 PM
Okay, we've waited long enough Frenchy!! :laughing: Get that camera going for your new addition! :thumbs up

August 13th, 2007, 05:40 PM
oohhh i like this protest thread:evil:


if not....Peanut will be very upset....and CRY!:yell:

August 13th, 2007, 06:43 PM
jiorji.....peanut looks really impressed :laughing:

August 13th, 2007, 06:44 PM
oohhh i like this protest thread:evil:

Don't make us start a petition, now ;)

:cat: :cat: :cat:

August 13th, 2007, 08:04 PM
:laughing: You guys are crazy ! :D

:sorry: I picked up my mom today so my time on is limited :cry:

ok, so I opened the door where Pad is kept but left the babygate, babygate fell and Pad went into the guest bedroom. He hissed at Nelly cuz she got too close, Nelly yelp and came out running :laughing: First pics : in the guest bedroom after his encounter with Nelly , he wasn't happy but settled down.

August 13th, 2007, 08:07 PM
Nelly watching from a distance , second pic is to show you how far (or close) they were. The goldens did came to see what was going on , but lost interest :laughing:

Again , very hard to take good pics of black cat with el cheapo dg cam!

August 13th, 2007, 08:09 PM
Some more ....

August 13th, 2007, 08:10 PM
I bet he's never seen such big dogs - or any - look at that Hallowe'en hump! What interaction with Monsieur or is that for later?
Taking pictures of black cats is sooo difficult. A collar sometimes helps.

August 13th, 2007, 08:14 PM
Monsieur le chat is a bit scared of Pad, Pad seems to like him. So I left Pad in the guest bedroom for a while , with the baby gate. I went back to check up on him and found him back in "his" room , beside Monsieur le chat !!! I know , you can't see , but they are really close ! After a while , one of them growled just a bit , so I took Monsieur back with me and closed the door. I will do this every day for 20-30 minutes and see how it goes. So far , so good ! :thumbs up

August 13th, 2007, 08:15 PM
I bet he's never seen such big dogs -

Yes and Nelly is a bit too interested and at the same time , scared of him !

August 13th, 2007, 08:30 PM
ah those are great pics.....just keep up the 20 -30 mins a couple times a day.....its great your off this week that will really help:thumbs up

August 13th, 2007, 11:26 PM
aww pad's so cute!!!:lovestruck: I love the pic of him and Mr being friendly

August 13th, 2007, 11:32 PM
Love the pictures. :thumbs up

I'm going through the same thing introducing my new kittens to the rest. I thought it would be longer before they all saw each other but my cats HAD to have a look see.

I can't wait until u post pictures with someone TOUCHING. :eek:

August 13th, 2007, 11:38 PM
I can't wait until u post pictures with someone TOUCHING. :eek:

Don't hold your breath ! :laughing: Maybe with Monsieur le chat, but it will take some time to see him cudle with the dogs , he doesn't seem to fond of them ! He wanted to come out of his room earlier , kept crying , so I went to see him , of course Nelly followed , when he saw her behind the babygate , he suddenly had a change of heart :laughing:

August 14th, 2007, 12:28 AM
Paddy's a cute name for a cutie pie :thumbs up :lovestruck:

August 14th, 2007, 12:41 AM
I bet Paddy will be friends with them all in a week. :D

August 14th, 2007, 07:58 AM
Sounds like it is going well. He is sooo cute and I LOVE his name:cloud9:

August 14th, 2007, 12:36 PM
I like Paddy better than Paddington (he doesn't look much like a BEAR to me :rolleyes:). Paddy is a short form for the name Patrick which I believe means "noble". Paddy is very handsome but POOR NELLY !!! :laughing:

August 14th, 2007, 01:24 PM
He wanted to come out of his room earlier , kept crying , so I went to see him , of course Nelly followed , when he saw her behind the babygate , he suddenly had a change of heart :laughing:

I love newbie stories! I love to see new animals interracting.:cloud9: it's so cute. sigh.....*daydreams of Nelly and Paddy cuddling:lovestruck: *

August 14th, 2007, 03:28 PM
Ohhhh, I love his name!!! And what a gorgeous kitty!! I love how he and Nelly are feeling each other out. :laughing: Congrats!!!!!!!!!! :grouphug:

August 14th, 2007, 03:52 PM
awwwwww poor Paddy is a little freaked out in the first few pics! I'm sure he's happy to have all those great places to perch up high! Nelly is too funny....I predict your funniest photos to come will be between Paddy and Nelly. :laughing: :laughing: Can't wait!! :highfive:

August 14th, 2007, 04:07 PM
Frenchy,it's great Le Chat and Paddy are not fighting,so that's one hurdle crossed.
Nelly must seem like a horse to him:laughing:
I could just imagine what my cats would do,especially Rocky:evil:
He is an adorable kitty though,soon enough he'll find out what a lucky kitty he is,first with Badger and now permanently with you:cat::thumbs up

August 14th, 2007, 10:31 PM
I can't download the pics tonight, but the narrative gives me a pretty good idea of how it's going! :D So far so good...'cept for Ms Nelly, of course. :dog: She'll come around to Paddy and he'll return the favor, I'm sure.... :thumbs up

August 29th, 2007, 02:01 AM
Poor Nelly :laughing: :sad: . He looks like a great cat Frenchy and I love that first "halloween cat" shot of him on the dresser :) .