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Good Starting Reptiles

August 12th, 2007, 06:58 PM
So ive decided i want a reptile, ive decided im ready for the incrase in my elctricity bill and the responsibility i am taking over the creatures lives including a proper habitat

but i cnat decide what i want, i need a lizard that is easy to handle, and which i can handle alot big,preferably slow moving, and doesnt require a 40 gallon terrarium, slow moving isnt mandatory but is rpeffered, any suggestions

Remer im a beginner to reptiles

August 12th, 2007, 11:25 PM
okay, well I been reading a lot... first off if you want one that will get big you will need 40 gallons mini. some Geko's are good for beginners, but they are not big and do not need the 40 gallons...

Blue Tongue Skinks I believe they are called are big, need more then 40 gallons... and move slow most of the time and do enjoy being handled...

Another great and probably the best would be Bearded Dragons... they are easily to handle and make wonderful pets... they grow fast and get between 13 inches to 24 inches but require a lot of room when they get older... 40 gallons mini.

I would avoid Iggy's as they bite and get as big as 6 feet... best bet would go to they have information on everything and another good one is... they have forums which has more then just bearded dragons there... they have tons of knownledge.