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Happy dog,flatulence smells of rotten eggs, vomited a bit of grass 24 hours ago

KeeKee's Mommy
August 12th, 2007, 02:29 AM
He's a happy dog, active, eats well and drinks a good amount of water. Urination and defecation seem to be normal. He's 1& 1/2 yrs old, 90lb shepherd, fixed, anal gland taken care of by vet 2 months ago, just started last Sunday, obedience training at local pet store where he was introduced to a new treat, pupperoni, never had those before, seemed to really like them, so I bought some to continue training at home, although for him, affection works just as good, in the last week there have been a few nights where he's been expressing a slight moan during his sleep...I am in the next room while he sleeps, I'm awake, so it's not a moan that would wake me up, its slight, but the sound is not a positive. I have noticed he is stinking up the house with flatulence that smell like strongly rotten eggs, these changes occuring within the last week. I tend to believe it's a simple case of a food change to something perhaps doesn't agree with him, even though he really attacks the pupperoni. Saturday morning, almost 24 hours ago, i noticed he had vomited, first time ever, what appeared to be a mixture of grass and wood mulch from his play area. I have had a problem with an unreliable lawnmower man, and my grass has grown far beyond what Keekee has ever seen. Is he eating grass to force the vomit? Is he eating the grass, because he's trying to do somehting about the overgrowth? I know this sounds silly a bit, but I do think maybe that's it because when he was a puppy, he would watch me pull weeds and put them in a wheelbarrow, and then I would see him doing the same thing as if to help me. Is it normal for a dog to vomit now and then and that it just passes? Is it normal for a dog to eat grass? Do they eat it to make themselves vomit? Why rotten eggs? Pupperoni = rotten egg smell? This is my first dog. This is my first post. Thanks for taking the time to read. I wish I could have condensed this better.

August 12th, 2007, 02:58 AM
Dogs (& cats) don't generally associate the cause (pupperoni) of the tummy upset with the end result (sore tummy, gas, flatulence etc) they just want the tasty treat. The smell (why rotten eggs not sure, probably has to do w/natural bacteria levels in the stomach reacting to new food) is because he is not digesting the new treat well, even though he loves it his digestive tract does not. Because it has been a week & he's still smelly - it's the treat.

Stop feeding the pupperoni, just give him kibbles as a cookie for a week & see if there is improvement, if not take him to the vet for a tummy check up. If this improves while not eating any new treats then try to find a different treat he takes to, even if it is just his regular food kibbles as a treat. My last dog had flatulence with any & all dog treats ever made so the only treat he got was his regular kibbles given as a cookie.

I would say the moaning during sleep is possibly his tummy upset caused by said treat because this has only happened in the last week.

He is eating grass (all dogs & cats will do this) to help digestion & soothe his sore tummy it also causes them to vomit therefore ridding the tummy of that which is causing the upset. He has also probably eaten the wood mulch for the same reason - keep an eye on that though, the last thing you want is a dog eating inappropriate items.

If this does not get better see your vet. Large breed dogs can have stomach related problems that need vet care.

So 1. stop the pupperoni, 2.give it a week to see improvement 3.find a new treat that will not cause upset 4. if you still feel this is an issue take him to the vet - an exam can't hurt

welcome to the board we would love to see a pic of your Keekee & keep us posted w/his progress :)

August 12th, 2007, 05:31 AM
My dog had a huge reaction to pupperoni - gas, bad and frequent poops, tummy gurgles, etc etc. It's pretty common with that treat, from what I understand. The moaning is probably because his tummy's bugging him a bit. Just as Growler said, stop the treat and just give him his food for the next little bit and if he improves you'll know that's what caused it - it took my dog about 2-3 days to settle down again after the pupperoni incident (yep, we call it the pupperoni 'incident' - I'd never smelled such a variety of smells from my dog before that :laughing: ).

If you look at the ingredients, they're not a really healthy treat anyway. There are lots of soft jerky-type treats out there that would be way better for your pup:) .

Hope he feels better soon!

KeeKee's Mommy
August 12th, 2007, 06:34 AM
Thank you so much for your advice, answers, instruction and insight. I will do as you say and report back in a about a week. :)