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strange walking behavior

August 11th, 2007, 07:07 AM
i have kind of a weird behavior happening with my dog, it may have been covered before, but i didnt know what to search for here goes.
so when i walk cash, he follows at my side when we are going away from the house, aside from the occaisonal attempt to pick up a roadside piece of trash hes pretty good at just walking next to my side.

when i turn around and start to head home he seems to get ramped up or something, and he starts lunging more on his leash and jsut generally gets out of control and out of hand.

i was thinking maybe its because he knows were going home and he gets to eat or something...but i dont think dogs think that far ahead....kinda confused here, wondering what i can do to correct this, the standard making him sit and wait seems to only add fuel to the fire cuz when i start walking again he seems even more revved up...

any advice?