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The "Other" Cuz - has Stubby Feet! My

August 10th, 2007, 12:40 PM
Eskie's groomer recently ordered a small supply of the Other Cuz - wasn't sure how they would sell. I knew that the regular Cuz was very popular, but no way was I about to buy a toy with giant feet for my teeth of death 20 lb. Eskie super chewer. So I found this toy an interesting possibility, and the Other Cuz that was played with by the day care group seemed to be standing up very well. Now my guy has 3 - size Medium - without the devil ears - and absolutely adores them. I think he is being a bit kind to them - but none so far has lost feet. I did see the regular style at a Petsmart - first time my husband had seen the original version - heck the feet were like clown's feet - my guy would have had them off in a nano-second. I was on a US based dog forum and read a post by a member who had just discovered the Other Cuz and was all excited since the Cuz is her dog's favourite dog, but it certainly gets tiresome having to cut the feet off and remove squeaker before giving to pup - or worse having to worry about pup doing it. The responses came in very quick - where could people buy said Other! I have read about the regular Cuz on so knew what to look for.