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Training a puppy to sit

August 9th, 2007, 09:02 AM
I have a month old puppy that I am currently trying to train to sit. Heres what I've been doing.

I held a treat in my hand and moved it close to her face and backwards until she accidently sat down. While sitting, I would click our "training clicker"

After she was doing this fairly easily, I started linking the word "sit" when she was in the process of "sitting down"

She got very good at it. I also started linking a quick upward hand movement to the behavior.

She got so good so quickly that I never had time to actually say "sit" before she would sit. I would get a treat and she would immediately be sitting there waiting for it.

After a few days of trying to train her some other tricks, she has suddenly completeyl lost the ability to sit. I say "sit" and she just stands there. I try moving her backwards and she sort of sits sometimes, but not as easily as before.

Its like I "polluted" the word sit by saying it so much with her not really "sitting" that she now has no idea what it means!

What can I do to retrain her?