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Some advice needed.

August 9th, 2007, 12:55 AM
Hello, how is everyone. I am good. I have a 7 month old boxer puppy. When I am going to leave the house I put him in his create if no one can watch him. The moment I leave the room he starts to whine, bark and some times pees in his create. Any suggestion on how to stop this or minimize it?

Also he is mostly house trained. If i leave the back door open when it isn't time to go for a walk, hell go outside to have a pee or do his business in general. But if the door isn't open he will just walk up to you and pee in front of you. Or if you aren't paying attention to him. Like I was making my bed and he was in the same room as me and he pee'd on the floor. He tends to do that also if he is mad. He isn't mad very often and not too many accidents happen. It is maybe once a week. Today a little more then usual as I was out more. He is mostly attached to me. He is around me a lot. He sleeps out of his create all night next to my bed and doesn't have any accidents at all. I am confused by his actions.... also he sleeps at night with his leash next to me. Not attached to anything. If his leash is off he will wonder through the house. but if it is on he just lays next to the bed and sleeps. A couple of times I caught him sleeping next to me. Any advice? As I never trained a dog in any way... except i taught him sit and laydown yeah... lol

August 9th, 2007, 10:17 AM
Here's what I do with Nelly , when I put her in her crate , I give her 2 cookies and a Kong filled with peanut butter that's been in the freezer overnight. She knows I'm leaving but doesn't really care. I'm guessing by the time she finishes her Kong , she goes to sleep.

August 9th, 2007, 10:54 AM
At seven months old, he is still a baby. He needs a pee-poo routine AND more exercise.

I would suggest you get back to basics with him. That means when you crack open an eyeball in the morning, you immediately get dressed and take him out, only bringing him in the house (and yes, you have to go with him) once he has done his "bizness". If it were me, I would take this time to play with him ~ either running around the backyard or going for a speed-walk / run in the neighbourhood. I'm usually gone for an hour or more with my gang. Then feed him and go about getting ready for the day. Before you leave for the office, take him out in the backyard and tell him to "pee-poo". My phrase is "pee-poo, pee-poo let's go Mummy's late hurry up pee-poo" ~ give him ten minutes to get his "bizness" done. Don't play with him ~ it's distracting for him.

Then follow Frenchy's advice with the kong and the crate (make sure to "deduct" the protein from the amount that you feed so your doggy doesn't get fat). If there is any way $$$$, hire a dog walker to take him out mid-day.

When you get home he needs to go out ASAP (same pee-poo routine as in the a.m.). I usually take my gang out for 1/2 hour to an hour when I get home and for a couple of hours after supper. He needs a walk before bed as well or at least time to do his bizness in the backyard.

Each and every time he does his bizness outside praise him like crazy. If he pees in the house AND you catch him mid-act, physically take him out to the backyard with a stern "Pee outside, not in the house". If you find pee, ignore him and clean it THOROUGHLY to remove all stains and odours. I recall another member suggesting that you don't allow him to see you cleaning ~ it makes sense from an "I'm da boss" perspective. Make certain that he is tired out each and every day ~ boxers are alot of work and can be quite mischievious.

Consistency, praise and exhaustion are the keys !

August 9th, 2007, 04:36 PM
Well right now I am at home from school, and I don't start my college course until sept. He is hardly in the crate at all because someone is always home. It is rare some one isn't home. He does pee and poo on command which I felt was a little odd when out side. I take him out the very moment i wake up. He doesn't have accidents at night which is good he is usually very good.

Thank you for all your advice mummummum and Frenchy. I had to put him in his crate for 2 hours today because on the rare occassion like today everyone went out. I came home to no mess in his crate and I praised him... I think a little too much cause he went crazy hype and excited to the max. I took him for a good run as much as I could run... I am a big guy lol. BUt then i played with him in the back yard for a while and now he is sleeping in front of the near my bed. LOL... I think he pee's though in anger in the house for when i left him or something. I am going to look in to this Kong.

A trainer told me do not put anything in his crate but I think the trainer was a little crazy... she told me no blankets, no toys, no nothing.. I was like ummm sure... bye... LOL... thank you all once again.

August 9th, 2007, 04:46 PM
A trainer told me do not put anything in his crate but I think the trainer was a little crazy... she told me no blankets, no toys, no nothing.. I was like ummm sure... bye... LOL... thank you all once again.

He was "kinda" right. I leave a Kong because there's no danger for her to destroy and eat some of it. That's probably why the trainer said that. When dogs get bored , they can chew jkust about anything and it can be dangerous for them. But with a Kong (for the right size of dog) it should be safe.