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Wellness blood testing - should I worry?

August 8th, 2007, 08:00 PM
My bank balance may never forgive me but I bit the bullet and got a full blood work up for my 9yr old Golden Molly a while back. First I was a bit astounded by the cost... $400 plus for just a general wellness blood & urine test, plus another $100 for thyroid testing, I think I walked out with a $600 hole in my pocket. A few days ago I went online and looked up the cost of getting just the wellness panel analysis done (I know my vet sends blood out to the University of Michigan) and it was $39!! and thyroid was $29, yikes. I realize that there are alot of other costs associated in doing blood work but with costs like that I can understand why people don't get blood work done until they really need to.

My vet said I was the first person she'd EVER had ask to have a wellness panel done!! At least Molly and I got a nice gold star :thumbs up for being proactive.

So... the results came in:
Most every thing looks good :D
Her red and white blood cell count was a bit high :confused: and this could be related to some other factors like:
very concentrated urine with a small amount of stuvite crystals and probably a UTI :yuck:

Molly had some pretty good itching going on when we were at the vet so she was put on antibiotics for a while (as it was diagnosed as a Pyoderma) - with the added benefit that the antibiotics would help with a UTI if she had one and the stuvite crystals might have been a result of UTI as well. So, there is a possibility that a good course of antibiotics will bring her blood and urine back to perfectly normal.
Her thyroid antibodies were normal but the hormone was low. This again could have been because of skin infection, not likely tyroid problem but we'll have to check this again when her skin is better. Seems like an odd result to me :confused:

It's so hard to put together a picture of a dogs health when you have no idea what kind of life they've lived!! (I adopted Molly just a few months ago, at 9 yrs of age)

Is there anyone out there who knows the history of their dog and has seen similar things in their blood? I'm always paranoid I might be missing some key piece of info.

August 8th, 2007, 08:53 PM
I get my mutters done every year. Make sure to keep a copy ~ ESPECIALLY if you {or others reading) are raw feeding. I've had the girls since they could fit in my hand ~ i find it's very informative and lets me keeps tabs on their levels and I can talk more about their health in general with the Vet.

With Declan (he'll be 10ish this year) it's less so and more so at the same time. I'm in the same boat as are you with Molly having had him home for only the last year and a half. Less informative because I don't know "where he's been", but more informative because I can see how much his health has improved since he's been home. For me, it's a big pocket book hit but I think it's money well spent.

August 8th, 2007, 11:04 PM
Ouch, your vet is pretty expensive ! I hope everything clears up with the antibiotics. The vet is sure the skin problem is an infection ? He's sure it's not allergies ?

Give a big big hug and kiss to Molly for me. :lovestruck: The fuzzbutts say hi too. :dog: