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Harley is in Intensive Care

August 6th, 2007, 11:42 PM
Sorry if this is a bit long, but .......

To start off, this is the week from hell for me...... On Saturday Morning my Mom passed away and I am trying to cope with that and help out my Dad. We were managing until.......

Harley hasn't been feeling too great for the past week and we thought it was from the extreme heat we were having. So, I booked an appointment for him to see his Vet on Saturday Morning. Due to the family emergency, my hubby took Harley to the Vet, who did blood work etc and everything came back normal. She said to monitor him for any signs of heat exhuastion or heatstroke. Harley had the shakes and shivers and a little lethargic but not too serious. When I returned from my Dad's around 10:00 Saturday night, Harley was in bad shape, shivering, not moving, very lethargic, so off we went to the 24 hr Vet Hospital in Ottawa, where he was diagnosed with a herniated disk in his back and given Metacam. Yesterday (Sunday) he wasn't too bad, not a lot of energy but still wagging his tail and giving kisses but walking a little "drunk" at times.

This morning at 7:50 we were woken up to find Harley having a seizure on our bed. It lasted about 30 seconds and we were able to calm him down. This is the first time I have ever seen a dog have a seizure, so I was terrified. After a few minutes, Harley was able to stand but was very unco-ordinated and walking in circles. I called the Vet again and they suggested I bring him in or monitor him for a few hours to see what was happening.

Well, at 3:00 this afternoon he had a major seizure while I was out and hubby was home. This one was quite a bit more violent, lots of foaming at the mouth, twisted neck, legs moving.......hubby got him calmed down and 10 minutes later, he had another small seizure. So, we took him in and he is now in ICU under observation. He has been taken off Metacam in case there is a connection to the seizure and is on an IV with Valium. The Vet said if he doesn't have anymore seizures within 24 hours he can come home with a new medication (can't remember name??)

Given the family situation (Funeral on Friday), I am terrified to bring my Harley Dude home and leave him.

Sorry for going on, but it's late and I can't sleep without my Dude, I miss him and am so afraid that I will lose him.....

:pray: I pray my little Dude makes it through this, I can't lose him .....

August 7th, 2007, 01:14 AM
So sorry for your loss :candle: :rip: I hope you & your Dad find comfort in this:

The Navaho have a saying The Spirit lives as long as someone who lives remembers you

Your mom will always be with you both where ever you are - she's in your heart (of course you already know that but sometimes it helps to hear it again)

Sorry about your boy Harley too, I hope & :pray: the drs find a solution soon & that the seizures were only caused by the meds, not something else. For the funeral on friday why not book Harley in for boarding at your vets (providing they do that), that way you will be secure knowing he is surrounded by vet-medical proffesionals who will check on him often.

August 7th, 2007, 01:25 AM
I am so sorry to hear about your mother. I pray Harley makes it through this rough time. Give him a kiss for me....:pray:

August 7th, 2007, 03:06 AM
I am so sorry about your mom. My condolences to you and your family.

I hope Harley will be okay. It sounds like he's getting great veterinary care right now. I'll keep him in my thoughts and I hope that he'll be back at home soon. Take care.

August 7th, 2007, 06:27 AM
So sorry for you loss.
I hope Harley pulls through this. It's so hard when you don't have any answers. If your vet doesnt' board there must be plenty of other vet offices in your area that do. Good luck and I will be thinking of you and your family.

August 7th, 2007, 06:32 AM
So sorry for your loss:sad:
I hope Harley pulls through okay:fingerscr :goodvibes:

:grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug:

August 7th, 2007, 07:19 AM
Harleybuster,so sorry about your mom,I don't know what else to say..losing my mom,was one of the most difficult periods in my life,I hope you and your dad will be ok..:pray:

:pray: 's also for little Harley,that it is nothing seriously wrong...not to go off topic,but a few summers back,my Rocky had unexplainable seizures,the vet came to the conclusion,it was the extreem heat and humidity.
:grouphug: to you,your dad and little Harley..

Jim Hall
August 7th, 2007, 07:45 AM
my condolences harleybuster Losing your mom is one of the most paimfull things to go through, You sound like you have lot's of supoort though.

I hope your harley feels better and gets to come home soon

August 7th, 2007, 07:46 AM
So sorry for your loss :candle: :rip: I hope you & your Dad find comfort in this:

The Navaho have a saying The Spirit lives as long as someone who lives remembers you

Your mom will always be with you both where ever you are - she's in your heart (of course you already know that but sometimes it helps to hear it again)

Sorry about your boy Harley too, I hope & :pray: the drs find a solution soon & that the seizures were only caused by the meds, not something else. For the funeral on friday why not book Harley in for boarding at your vets (providing they do that), that way you will be secure knowing he is surrounded by vet-medical proffesionals who will check on him often.

I thought about boarding Harley for Thursday and Friday (just during the day, not overnight), but I am wondering if that might be more stressful for him, being away? When we are not home, Buster is in his crate, so Harley has the run of the house and is quiet. I am just not sure what would happen if he had a seizure when no one was home??? :shrug:

August 7th, 2007, 07:57 AM
I'm so sorry for your loss. :sad:

also sorry to hear of Harley's troubles... I hope the little fella pulls through w/ no lasting problems. As for leaving him while you tend to family matters... I wouldn't want to either... can the vet keep him longer? I'd explain the situation to your vet, that you're not comfortable leaving a sick animal at home while you tend to services. I would hope your vet would understand the extreme circumstances, and accommodate you, as it's in the best interest of the animal. I wouldn't leave him w/ a regular boarder though, I'd try to keep him at the vet if possible, and simply pay the extra fees associated.

August 7th, 2007, 09:20 AM
I am sorry for the loss of your mom , big hugs to you and your family :grouphug:

I sure hope he had a bad reaction to the metacam. I wouldn't board him either, he would be better off at your place , babygate stairs if you have any , dogs can fall when having the seizure if near stairs. Leaving / boarding him at the vet is a very good idea , if you can't , maybe someone to dogsit him ? :grouphug:

August 7th, 2007, 09:25 AM
Hi....well, I talked tot he Vet Tech around 9:15 this mornig and he hadn't had any more seizures. They took him outside last night for a bit of a walk and a pee and he was still had some difficulties walking. She was going to take him out again around 9:30 to see how he was doing. The Vet will call me this morning and see what to do next. If he doesn't have any seizures today, he will come home around supper and we will have a consultation with a surgeon to see if they can operate on his back. He only had the one dose of valium last night but they will send a prescription home (not Metacam). I spoke with Harley's regular Vet this morning too and she was so upset about my Dude. She told me that the surgery has a very high success rate and she knows the Surgeon and said he is excellent.

Harley's regular Vet did say they would board him but it might be stressful for him......not sure what I will do. If he is alone in the house and has a seizure there would be no one to calm him.....Unfortunately, because of the feneral etc, there is no one I know that could dog sit, they will all be at the funeral..

So, that's where it stands for now. I miss Harley soooo much. I was up until about 1:30 this morning, couldn't sleep for so many reasons, so I wrote my Mom's eulogy. By the time I went to bed I was drained.....

August 7th, 2007, 09:33 AM
I'm so sorry about your mom.

I hope Harley is well again soon, I don't know what I would do in your shoes. I'd be tempted to leave him at the vet, but if the vet feels he's better off at home, even alone, I might just do that. Like Frenchy said, have him gated off in an area where he's not going to hurt himself if he has a seizure while he's alone. Let's hope it's just the heat that's been getting to him. Maybe get the vet to shave his belly so he's a little cooler or get him clipped short to help with the heat.


August 7th, 2007, 09:34 AM
If he is alone in the house and has a seizure there would be no one to calm him

Usually when a dog has a seizure , you only have to make room around him so the dog doesn't get hurt by objects but you have to stay clear yourself , you could get bitten, you are suppose to let it run it's course (but when it's epilepsy , after a while they have to get an injection or go the emergency) and they are pretty much out of it once the seizure stops and take time to recover and sleep it off. I know it must be terrorizing for you , but if he's not near stairs , he should be ok. :grouphug:

August 7th, 2007, 09:50 AM
I am very sorry about your Mom - and the added stress of Harley's health problems sure isn't helping. I know a lot about doggie back surgery (full body neck and back 2 times with 2 mini Dachshunds) - a little different than what you would be looking at - but I can tell you 100% for certain that if my Eskimo should develop at herniated disc I would have the surgery in a minute if the neuro felt he was a good candidate. I expect an MRI might be necessary and you would have to keep Harley confined with limited movement for a couple of weeks, but you are probably going to have to do that anyway. I would also have the surgery performed as soon as possible before further movement causes any deterioration of discs immediately connected to the herniated disc. I would also be concerned about leaving Harley at home alone. I understand what your vet is saying about further stress - but if there is someone at your vet's all night, then I would still leave him. Not though, if no one is there, except for coming in to administer night meds. After surgery is one thing, but before is another.

August 7th, 2007, 10:38 AM
Actually, if we were to leave him at the Vet's on thursday and Friday it would only be during the funeral and wake. My Vet closes at 7:00 and there is no one there overnight.

They have discussed the tests required prior to the surgery (injecting a dye??)

I also have to consider that while I am on bereavement leave this week, I do have to go back to work eventually and Harley will be alone. Buster is crated when we are out, so Harley would have quiet time.

This is all so difficult and confusing....

August 7th, 2007, 11:21 AM
My condolences on the passing of your mom - it's a very difficult time for you - and to have your puppy so ill at the same time! I hope and pray that all goes well for you.

August 7th, 2007, 12:23 PM
I am so sorry for your loss. I know how devastating losing your mom. I went though it almost 2yrs ago and it was the biggest loss I have ever experienced. I still cry every day (even now as I type). I have learned that I can cry for a moment, and then pull myself together again and think about something else the next moment. It takes a lot of time and my heart goes out to you, knowing the pain you are going through. I hope your baby will come through this ok and the two of you are able to be there for each other and help each other heal. Dogs are very in-tune to what is going on. I'm sure he senses your anguish. Stay strong. How is your dad doing? Was this sudden?

August 7th, 2007, 12:26 PM
I am sorry for your loss HarleyBuster! I lost my father 6 years ago and it is still so fresh! I too have a quick cry and somehow I feel better! It will get easier as time goes by but it still hurts everyday! I hope you get some goods news for Harley! Our thoughts are with you during this horrible time!


August 7th, 2007, 12:57 PM
I am so sorry for your loss! I found it difficult t loose my grandmother (who was like a mother to me) so I can imagine what you are going through - it is not easy and my thoughts and prayers are with you!!

I also hope Harley will be OK!!


August 7th, 2007, 01:14 PM
I'm so very sorry Harleybuster ~ what terrible heartache you must be feeling. I'm sure you will find the best and safest possible solution for little Harley while you struggle through the funeral services for your mother. We're here for you. :grouphug:

August 7th, 2007, 06:04 PM
Well, I spoke with the Vet that is watching Harley today and he is still seizure free, over 24 hours. They have him on an IV with Tramadol (morphine) to ease the back pain. The Vet said that his back appears to be getting better but the big concern is his vision.

Harley has no "menace" reaction in his right eye, which means when you approach him from the right (with your hand etc) he doesn't see. He is blind in that eye. Now they don't know what caused it.

The things I have been told are:

- Herniated disk will not cause seizures
- the Vet has done research on Metacam and there are very "rare" occurrances of seizures with this drug
- Seizures very rarely cause a dog to die

That's about it.

Harley is staying in ICU again tonight and there is a concern that he has a lesion on his eye or brain caused by blastomycosis AGAIN! He will be seen by an opthomologist tomorrow and given an eye exam to see if they can find a lesion or not. He is able to walk around a bit but because of the blindness he bumps into things, but corrects himself quickly. He has eaten about 100 gm of Science Diet (not sure how much that really is) and has had a bit of baby food from one of the Vet techs.

They said his "tzu" attitude is there and he probably could come home but the blindness is making them hesitant about releasing him. I could have taken him home tonight and then returned tomorrow for his eye exam, but because of all that is happening, I think he is best off at the Hospital.

I miss my baby so much....Buster is soooooo quiet, moping around missing Harley. Buster will start playing, then stop.....look around and then lay down. I wish there was a way to make him understand what is happening.

Things have to get better soon , right? :pray:

August 7th, 2007, 06:56 PM
They will get better soon hun. And you are doing the very best you can. :grouphug:

August 7th, 2007, 07:02 PM
I am so sorry to hear about your mom. My deepest condolences to you and your family. :grouphug: :candle:

And, poor Harley......what a time for this to happen. :sad: Do you have a dog loving neighbour that could watch him while you're gone? If not, I would leave him at the vet. Good luck. :fingerscr :goodvibes:

August 7th, 2007, 11:14 PM
Big hugs to you and your family :grouphug: . What a horrible time for you all :sad: , it is awful to lose a parent and then when one of your best friends has health problems at the same time that is just sooooo terrible. My condolences for your mother and I'll send some fabulous get well soon vibes for poor Harley :grouphug: :goodvibes: :fingerscr :goodvibes: :grouphug: .

August 8th, 2007, 09:29 AM
OMG, it is true, when it rains, it pours. I am so sorry for the loss of you Mom. I lost my mother in March of this year after a long battle with Alzheimers. It was sad. My thoughts are with you right now.:grouphug:

So sorry about Harley. I hope he feels better soon. I would probably leave him at the vet until the funeral is over. At least they can continue to monitor him. I know, there is no easy answer. Stay strong, you will get through this.:goodvibes:

August 12th, 2007, 09:19 AM
My condolences too - this is such a tough time for you with the loss of your mom and worrying about Harley too.

My retriever, Tess, has epilepsy and has seizures every two weeks or so, since she was diagnosed last year. I remember her first seizure and how terrified I was; now we just take it in our stride and it is almost a normal occurrence and easily managed. I am sure Harley's seizures are a one-off and don't indicate epilepsy, but if they do, it is usually a very manageable condition. I hope all goes well and will be thinking of you.


August 12th, 2007, 04:59 PM
:rip: Harley

August 12th, 2007, 05:16 PM
Harleybuster's updated thread should anyone wish to add their condolences...

August 14th, 2007, 02:43 AM
I am so sorry for your loss.
I just want to add that Frenchy's advice was right on. I looked after a dog with seizures (and other medical problems) for three years and it was awful to watch him when he had seizures. When they are coming around after a seizure it is 'normal' for them to be disoriented. Their body temp. also drops so it is important to keep them warm. I hope and pray that the seizures have stopped and I will keep you and all of your family in my thoughts and prayers.