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Boston Terrier Puppy

August 5th, 2007, 08:37 AM
I just got a boston terrier puppy, hes 2 months old, and im having a lot of trouble with keeping him in his crate, he whines/howls (high pitched sounds) at night for an hour sometimes and hes very loud. Do you have any suggestions? Should i put the crate in my closet or somewhere away from me? Beside my bed?

Also, does anyone have any housebreaking tips or methods, I have been trying to get him to learn to go in a litter box, is this a good idea, any tips?


August 5th, 2007, 09:15 AM
No. Leave the crate next to your bed. Your pup will most certainly be much more vocal if you are not within eyesight.

You need to be patient. Don't talk to the pup or interact at all until it is quiet. If you get the puppy out while it is crying, then you are teaching it that crying gets it what it wants. Trust me - not good.

Unless you are handicapped or live in a high rise apartment, I would suggest you skip the litterbox. Terriers are high energy dogs and going out to go potty are necessary walks that - if done right - can burn off energy. Again - this is something that you are going to be grateful for when your pup gets older.

There is a ton of info on the forum about housebreaking. The most important things to remember are these:

1) Schedule - puppies are easier to housebreak on a schedule. Be sure that it goes out after waking up (from a nap or in the morning), after meals and in the middle of rough play. All that motion loosens things up!

2) Do NOT get after puppy for accidents! It is fine to lightly scold and rush it outside if you catch it in the act, but useless to to it after the fact.

August 5th, 2007, 01:25 PM
Congrats on your new puppy! I just got a Boston Terrier puppy a week ago too! She was 8wks when I got her and is now 9 weeks old. I have a wire crate in my bedroom. At first I had it under a desk which is only about two feet from the end of my bed, but since she couldn't see me, she was not too happy! I moved the crate to the side of my bed, right in front of my nightstand and about two feet away from my face, LOL, and now she doesn't fuss at all. It's kind of annoying having the crate smack in the middle of my bedroom, which isn't very big to begin with, but right now, sleep is more important. :) I'll be slowly moving it back under the desk once she gets more crate-trained.

I also set my alarm for every three hours and take her outside throughout the night. We've only had one accident in the crate so far, and that was when I experimented and tried pushing it out to four hours instead of three. She didn't quite make it, and I know that was entirely my fault! So we're sticking to three hours for another few weeks and then I'll try four again. She should be able to go all night within a month at most, at least that is how it typically is for most other Boston puppies owners I've asked. So sleep will get back to normal eventually. :)

In the day, she is in a small plastic crate to continue crate training. She is in the crate for an hour, then outside for a potty break, 20 minutes of play time, then back in the crate again. I do this for a few hours in the morning, then give her a good hour or more of pure attention and playtime outside and good romping time with my other dog and learning things with me. In her first week, she already knows how to fetch and she knows her name and how to come when called. We're working on sit now. Getting a head start on puppy classes! :) But it helps give her attention and mental interaction is just as important and tiring as physical interaction! When I'm at work, she goes into her puppy play pen with puppy pads. She uses the pads about 90% of the time. I have come home to a poopy-smeared pup a few times already. :) I'm experimenting on when to adjust her eating schedule to help minimize this.

But the most important is that when I am home, she is outside every hour during the day and every three hours at night. I haven't had any accidents in the house, but mostly because she is not allowed free roam yet. I do let her romp with my other dog in the family room for about 15 minutes after I come home from work, but only after I know she is completely empty and I still watch like a hawk for her licking and squatting signs. Even though she just went, the hyper playtime makes her go again VERY quickly. I'll gradually be expanding her time and her areas in the house over time as she learns outside is the place to go and as she learns how to hold it and as her bladder muscles develop enough to enable her to do so.

I'm really tired!!! But it will all be worth it when life is much easier a few months from now and for the rest of our lives. :)