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My dog was given a cat vaccine

August 4th, 2007, 03:06 PM
I received a call from our vet yesterday telling me that they accidentally gave my 5 month old puppy a Cat rabies shot instead of a canine one! They assured me that there would be no side effects except for possible anaphalactic (sp.) shock 4-6 hours after the shot. (the shot was given to her on 7/23). I did have to take her back to the vet on 7/24 due to a green discharge coming from her eyes and they told me it was a reaction the the rabies shot. (they did not realize that it was the wrong shot at this time.) 4 days later she developed a mature cataract in her right eye. I am curious to know if the wrong vaccine could have anything to do with the catarcts. I called the drug manufacturer and they told me they don't know if they are related because nothing like this has ever been reported to them.
Any ideas??(Other than to find a new vet)

Dr Lee
August 4th, 2007, 03:38 PM
I am sorry to hear about everything you are going through!

Who was the manufacturer? Which vaccine is it? I can ask an immunologist for you.

While I have heard and read of cat and dog vaccines being accidentally administered, I am not aware of any direct health risk concerns. However every vacine is different. For example injecting nasal vaccines can certainly have some serious risks.

The cataract question - it seems unlikely to me. However I would recommend that you ask a veterinary ophthalmologist as an impartial third party.

As far as finding a new vet - the veterinarian you have is obviously not perfect (I still haven't found one who it) but more importantly you have found an honest one. They called you and admitted a mistake rather than trying to make sure no one found out - which might have been the 'easy route of a lesser person'. Have you otherwise been very happy with your experiences there? (I know vets that would have covered that up - those are definitely the ones you want to avoid!) Just something to consider...:pawprint:

August 4th, 2007, 09:48 PM
I agree with Dr. Lee. If you have had good experiences in the past with this vet, this one mistake would not be a reason I would leave - personally speaking at least. The fact the vet called you to inform you about it speaks volumes more about him or her than the fact they made a mistake. Honesty is equally iprtant as competence and sometimes some vets (and any professional, even some in my own profession ,sigh!) can make themselves look good but that does not mean they are. I always tell the Residents I teach to be honest first and foremost - do not promise something you cannot deliver and if you and unsure of a diagnosis, say so and expaion you are obtaining assistance. People understand that far more than they do someone who tries to be something they are not. So, I wouild put it all in perspective before making a final decision.

I too would be upset if the wrong vaccine had been administered to one of my pets but I kept a vet who told me she had little expertise in bunnies but she had been loyal and wonderful to my pets over the years and the fact she admitted her weaknesses only made me like her even more! She could also be blunt which drove some folks away but she was so good at what she did that I think those people looking for a great bedside manner with them (her bedside manner with the pets was far more important imho) lost a wonderful, caring vet who makes it a point to do home visits when necessary (ie at the end of a pet's life), tells you to bring in a visiting friend's dog even though it is the weekend and she is on vacation and then refuses to charge them anything even tho she spent extensive time and saved the dog's life and talked me through my first CPR experience on a cat (I knew how to do it on humans but kitties are such frail creatures and I was desperate to save this feral cat I'd found so she could help her kittens and they'd have a mama, a feline one I mean.) She was not perfect but she is a heroine to me!! So please do not jump too quickly to change vets. You do not know all the circumstances of how the vaccine was administered properly - it could have been someone on her staff - who knows. I would understand seeking a new vet if this occurred over and over again and there was major adverse effect but there was not so I would wait it out.

I do hope your puppy will be fine!

Dr Lee
August 7th, 2007, 10:38 AM
I spoke to a Dr. Gwaltney, a toxicologist with the ASPCA toxin hotline and discussed this case. She states that a cat vaccine can NOT cause cataracts in a dog. She believes the cataracts are unrelated. :pawprint: