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leonberger needs help real sick (HELP )

May 13th, 2004, 09:32 AM
We have a leonberger that came from a good breeder in canada , but the pup has dandy walker, a brain condition, she was doing ok as she is a bit slow and needs a aid in walking as this should get better with her growth, Well she started to get slow not wanting to get up and real sluggish. and she was paddeling her back legs a bit, also she is on phenobarb as she has a sezure cond. but it was under control. now she is at the vets with a fever that was up as hi as 107 and now with ice packs and fluids she is at 102 - 104 as it changes a lot, she also has her both front feet very swollen large. as we do know she has a cond with the dandy walker and the seziurs but this is a new cond. and we are stumped as the vet we have is a good one as he has a reg. vet grad and a neurol. degree and others and with a docterate with most all of them. and he is a young man. as i think we are stumped, as she is now on anti-bio. for 3 days and fluids for a week and packen with ice for over a week as she will not get better. she is aware when we go to see her but the fever will not break. does any one have any idea what it might be etc.
thank you
, or ramjet51