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Itchy Mister

August 2nd, 2007, 09:55 AM
for the next 2 or 3 months we are in a really really really tight financial crunch. a vet visit is possible but we would like to avoid it if at all possible for right now.

that being said- Mister is itchy. what i THOUGHT was a nervous reaction has turned up a little rash. he itches often, he does the chewey thing on his stomach a lot, i thought he was biting his feet over nervousness (boy was i beating myself over that!!) but upon investigation i think he is itchy on those too. there is no weeping on his itchies, just little bumps of irritated skin on his tummy.

we dont really use commercial chemicals in the house. everythign is cleaned with either bleach (rarely) vinegar/lemon, thymol or 7th Generation Lavender dish soap. i typically only use vinegar for the pets clean up unless it involves raw chicken and then i use thymol.

his bedding is made of cotton through out. i wash it with vinegar and Tide HE (half dose which is pretty small to begin with because its a front loading washer).

we use no pesticides in the yard. he has no fleas. we used the topical flea stuff at the very beginning of the summer but have since used a combo of apple cider vinegar in his water and rosemary 2Xweekly which has worked very well.

he is on a raw diet. when he was on kibble he needed a low residue kibble. the base of his diet is chicken. once a week he gets beef, 2x a week he gets fish, salmon one day and tilapia the other. we give him sardines as a snack a few times a week. he also has Jeffrey clean up duty so he gets your random cheerio, carrot/pea chunk, peanut butter/jelly smudge. oh and the occasional kong of peanut butter.

our carpeting is 10 years old. we have used Resolve carpet cleaner on it a few times. we plan on replacing it with hard woods eventually but are trying to work out the finances for it.

if i had to start guessing, maybe the thymol?? the cats eat straight off of the floor so i spray the floor with it. its HIS kitchen so he lays all over it.

is there anythign that really stands out?? anything i should look for thats a sure fire clue to go to the vet? i did a bit of googling on it and nothing he has stands out for that.

Clueless In North Carolina USA,

August 2nd, 2007, 10:32 AM Mister a dog or cat? I have a lab that used to get those itchy little bumps and they seem to have disappeared with the new food change. He has been on Orijen for a few months and they have not come back. He is 7 years old and always got the itchies and bumps...I tend to think it is a grain allergy he has but cannot really prove it?? I thought he might have been allergic to chicken because many people have indicated their dogs are allergic to chicken..But the Orijen is mainly comprised of chicken so I ruled that out! So the only difference seems to be there is no grains or gluten in the Orijen Food? so for my guy it could be one of those 2 items....

Maybe it is the food? or a allergy in the house?


August 2nd, 2007, 11:30 AM
if hes chewing his feet the vets told me it was allergies.

Now, since that time I had my boys thyroid checked and he does have an Underactive Thyroid. Now hes on pills for that and his itchiness has diminished substancially.

He still has a bit, but its only been a month for him and I'm anticipating that it will disappear altogether.

Dr Lee
August 2nd, 2007, 12:47 PM
Allergies certainly comes high on the list for possible causes. Environmental allergies are more common for the signs you describe than food allergies; although food allergies could still be part or all of the problem.

Until you can get to see a veterinarian (my best recommendation), for itchiness - cortisone cream can help. If the rash is persistent, often an infection may also be present at which time a triple antibiotic ointment with cortisone may help. Cortisone is steroid which reduces inflammation (inflammation can be caused by allergies).

While thyroid issues can make skin issues worse, thyroid by itself should not cause itchiness. But continuing on the thyroid supplement will help improve other skin issues.

There are a lot of cortisone and cortisone like sprays available at local pet stores - this can be easier to use than creams sometimes.

Also fatty acid supplementation (omega 3 and 6) can help improve skin and hair health and help with allergies. This is available through your vet, pet stores, and sometimes supermarkets.

Regular bathing with hypoallergenic shampoos can help.

Then as soon as you can, please recheck with your veterinarian. Hope this helps. :pawprint:

August 2nd, 2007, 01:14 PM
thanks guys, when Mister was about 4 months old we had him in for a weighing and an overall check up. i brought this up with the vet then and she said to try fish oil supplements. he was on the kibble diet at the time. we sorta stopped the fish oil when we started feeding fish. doesnt mean that he is getting enough though. we will go back to giving the fish oil along with his fish meals.

since then, he gets more itchy at times and less itchy. we attributed it to nerves... but come to think of it, im not really sure why. we just put forth extra effort to give him attention, confidence and companionship.

recently its gotten worse. all i can think of is the thymol i sprayed on the floor 2 days ago? im not sure.

i think i will give the floor a good scrubbing with just plain water and give it 2 or 3 days and see if it doesnt get a bit better. failing that ill take him to the vet. couple that with a cortisone spray, we will see how things go.

MaO3- im heading to the doc tomorrow for MY thyroid. i swing from hypo to hyper and back again frequently. i know that when im full force into either of them my skin gets really itchy. woof. :)


August 2nd, 2007, 01:54 PM
also, how do i apply cortisone cream? i have some but go figure, its for people. :rolleyes:


August 2nd, 2007, 09:26 PM
we went ahead to the vet today. she wants to see if it isnt hormonal. his snippy snippy appt is in 4 weeks (that whole money thing again) but we are just going to bite this one and get it done next week. im giving him benadryl 3Xdaily.

she was very unhappy i was feeding him raw chicken bones. he might choke on it.


Dr Lee
August 2nd, 2007, 10:46 PM
also, how do i apply cortisone cream? i have some but go figure, its for people. :rolleyes:


a thin coat over the inflammed, itchy area. Most topical medications are mainly absorbed within 10-15 minutes of application, leaving the carrying agent behind (usually vaseline like substance). Many people like the spray versions at the pet stores since it isn't gooey.

August 3rd, 2007, 07:05 AM