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Journeys of a rescue dog

August 2nd, 2007, 03:41 AM
Just read this story and I am in tears and thought I would share

Journeys of a rescue dog

I walk alone along the green grass happy to be free but my belly hurts and I tired I can not sleep for long out here the danger surrounds me, as the endless trucks and cars pass by the wind from the speed blows my hair ,suddenly I feel something around my neck it feel uncomfortable now I can not move and I start to get scared and growl to protect my self I jump and squeal trying to get this thing off, and then I hear a voice calming and soft and a hand that touches my back gentle and firm “come with me big boy you have been running too long”. These hands now pick me up and put me into a box that scares me and I clawed at the hard door to get free to escape I am so scared what is going to happen to me where am I going.

Bumping and noises from the car beneath toss me back and forth in my box terrified to what is coming next I try to settle now and wait and listen. The car has stopped no more movement and then I hear doors opening and closing and the faint sound of other dogs talking and howling.

These gentle hands once again take me and put me down to the ground and again I am happy to feel free, but this thing is still around my neck but it is o.k. now because that soft voice tells me so. Walking down a hallway smells I have never known tingle in my nose. I do not feel so afraid I keep telling my self this voice will make sure I am o.k.

The hands lead me into another box this time it is bigger and I can run around I bark with delight I have a soft place to lay down and over in the corner of the box and the most wonderful smelling food. I am so hungry I have not eaten for days.
I notice after by belly is tight with food and water other dogs in boxes beside me wagging their tails with delight as these hands pet them and tell them soft wonders. I must be in heaven I am warm my belly no longer hurts and the softness of the bed makes me sleep hard.

People and hands come and go taking these friends wagging tails and tell them “you will love your new home” they have found a place lay and sleep safe and soft .Beautiful dogs with thick soft coats and needing eyes happy and singing. The days go on and soon all the boxes beside have be filled with new dogs happy and beautiful and I still am here.

One day woken from a sleep I feel those soft hands again on my back.” come on Big boy lets go for a walk” I feel this thing around my neck again but this I have learnt is not to be feared but a chance to explore with these gentle hands, as we walk happily through doors and hallways we stop for a moment and I can see a dog. Not nearly as beautiful as the others his coat was warn his ears flopped down his head to big for his body and his face wore the years of aloneness. I looked closer feeling sorry for this dog then I realized it was me.

I walked with this person with these gentle hands and listen to her speak of this dog and how it would be hard for him to find a home with a warm place to sleep and tantalizing food to calm the aching belly he was too big and too old .

I sat for days alone in my self knowing no one could love this old ugly big dog with weathered fur and big head. Watching others happily be taken away, Then as all hope was gone and I felt my world closing in around me a lady came to me with eyes of acceptance surrounded with a feeling of hope “come to me big boy you will be safe now we will find you a new home” I listened desperately as these people talked and discussed me and this women who took me her name “shares” not long after I went to shares house I had fun playing in a bath and my coat was getting full and soft my heart was warming and I no longer had a belly that hurt with emptiness.

Then one day a family came to talk with me and play with me and picked me up with gentle hands.
That was a year ago and what seems a world away as I lay in my soft bed with my food beside me in a shiny new bowl and as I watch my family run and play in the endless grass of my home. I have this new thing around my neck now and it fits so well it has hard things that jingle as I walk, my family tell me this is how they can find me if I ever get lost. I get to go out and play with the beautiful dog that lives down the road.

Sometimes I loose my toys but my family always has more for me and when the little person in my family who always smells like a bath climbs on my back when I am sleeping sometimes pulls my hair to tight but it is o.k. she does not mean it so I just get up and get her a toy to play with she likes that.
My people tell me how wonderful and smart I am and they are glad I came to share their lives. I still wonder today what this woman named “shares” saw in me but I am glad she did because she gave me my family my grass and my home and I will always remember her thank you my friend shares you have given me life again.

Jim Hall
August 2nd, 2007, 04:54 PM
That's lovely thank you

August 2nd, 2007, 05:23 PM
Yup, that was lovely. I see that wonder in Declan's eyes everyday. :lovestruck:

August 2nd, 2007, 07:18 PM
Awww, that is a great post :lovestruck: .