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12 week old kittens! Vomit and Diarrhea!

July 31st, 2007, 07:08 PM
We have a female stray here in our area that in April i decided to take her in because she was ready to go into labor and i did not want those kittens to become more strays around the neighborhood. April 28th she gave brith to 4 healthy kittens. At 6 wks of age i dewormed them, a liquid wormer i bought at Walmart, not hartz, it says 8 in one. They were all potbellied and appeared to be healthy besides that. About at 10 wks they got ear mites, so i again went to walmart and bought something for that. Which appears to be working fine and still so far are clean and clear of the ear mites. Now at 12 weeks which was this saturday 3 out fo the 4 started vomiting, clear and with white foam, i think its roundworms but they never come out either end for me to see. The 4th kitten i think i overdoded on the wormer and so far he is doing fine, just has diarrhea. Sunday the 3 started to have severe diarrhea while still drinking and eating just fine. Monday one of the 4 just stopped eating and was throwing up a clear white foam again with nothing else in it. Wouldnt eat anything except a slice of lunch meat, ham, i gave him, even then he only ate a few bites. So i decided to worm them yet again with the liquid and 5 minutes after they all vomited it up. so i told my fiance to stop on his way home and get pills for worming them so they cant throw that up. SO far it has worked, today all 4 of them ate some canned food and licked some tuna juice. They are all drinking water as usual which is good cause they wont dehydrate as fast and they can survive on water longer.
So i am thinking this is just worms, i havent let the momma back in since i treated the kittens cause i simply havent treated her yet. My question is is how long till they can feel better? they are all still just laying around, diarrhea, drinking water and not eating hardly at all. I feel so bad for these guys cause they look like they are so uncomfortable. I read that deworming only kills what is in the inestinal or do i have that backwords.
These poor guys, i am sincerely hoping its just worms cause i really cant afford to take them to the vet right now. I am laid off of work and we are counting all our pennies. My fiance i skicking me in the butt now for having them still here, but no one around here is interested in kittens at the moment and all the shelters are full! So wat else can i do riight..i love the guys to death and just want them to have a good life instead of becoming starys like the momma. any help would be appreciated greatly!

July 31st, 2007, 08:08 PM
Bless you for helping them. Some vets take in strays to be adopted, especially kittens, they go fast. Their mother needs to be spayed and depending on her personality could also get adopted. I would not give them any medication because they need to be checked by a vet first. They need kitten food because it is very rich. Diarrhea is dangerous because it may make them dehydrated. If you tell the vet that they are strays, he may give you a big discount. Otherwise drive around and look for a vet that will. Also you could become a foster for your local rescue group and go to the vet your rescue uses. Fostering is very rewarding, maybe this is your new path in life??? I was in a similar situation several years ago and I am still rescuing.

July 31st, 2007, 09:04 PM
I do think they should be seeing a vet, but for the right here, right now, can you try giving them some meat baby food (no onions), mixed with some warmish water? They really need to eat, and they may not be drinking enough to make up for the loss of fluids. Plain chicken baby food is easy to digest and most cats love it, so if you can at least give that a try it might help get some nutrients in the poor little guys.

July 31st, 2007, 10:19 PM
I have called my local vet. All he can do is have me bring in one since they all have the same simptoms and then sell me treatment for all 4, he said he isnt giving anymore discounts now because of all the local shelters being full. Which makes no sense to me at all. But he charges $30 just to be seen and anything else would be an extra charge, in which i know he will have to test the blood and look at the stool at least to make some decision on what could be wrong.
I had the momma in tonight and wormed her as well. So hopefully now when they do decide to take food from momma they wont get the round worms back at least. Also wormed my 2 indoor cats as well, just in case!
All but one now is eating abit here and there on there own. Kitten chow and tuna. They are all still drinking water by themselves so far as well. All their eyes are looking better as well, that white part in their lids arent showing anymore and i hear that is a good sign. All but one is currently playing as well. So hopefully this is all good signs!!
But i will keep checking for advice and if things dont improve in a few days i will definetly take the vet up on his offer to take one in and treat all. After all they are living beings and deserve a chance at a good life themselves. So what! i wont be able to buy anything extra not on my shopping list for a week or so, i think they are well worth it and so does my fiance now...we had a long talk tonight and he is now agreeing! WOOHOO!!!

Ill keep informing you all!

August 2nd, 2007, 07:23 AM
So far i have 2 kittens that are still not eating the best. The other 2 are back to eating great and gaining the weight back but for some reason the 2 sick ones are staying the same day to day. I have been feeding them rice cereal with water and baby food, mostly beef or chicken mixed with warm water. Mainly as often as i can or every 2 hrs. They eat some on their own then i syringe feed them some more. :thumbs up
They all still have diarrhea :wall: , but its not as watery now. Its starting to have some somstance to it!
I just dont understand why 2 are still so sick when the other 2 recovered much quicker? the first night the siker ones vomited once and that has been it. No worms in the vomit either and i have been checking stool too, nothing there! So i wonder if this is worms or just a bacteria infection? I have given them yogurt and pumpkin(pure) to help before, could this have effected them? i was told that pumpkin helps thicken their stool and yogurt kills and rebuilds bacteria in the intestine? Wonder if that is what has caused this, they have been sick pretty much since i gave them that!
Hmmmmmmm..... what do you think? :confused:
The 2 sick ones are still walking around, cleaning themselves and playing a tiny bit with the other 2....Just dont seem like it could be distemper.... or something really alarming...but i am no expert! :fingerscr

August 2nd, 2007, 07:32 AM
As for becoming a foster for animals? I dont know if i could handle it! This is the first experience though that i have had taking care of sick kittens and i grew up with kittens upon kittens as a child!
I cried so much yesterday for the 2 still sick, wondering what more can i do and asking them to fight hard for me and i will fight as well. I told them both that i wouldnt let them go without doing everything i could possibly do!
I also apologized for not being able to take them to the vet right now. That is what hurts me the most .... my fiance and i had a long talk about it, i cried for hrs but i agree with him, we are so behind on things now cause i am not working....i have been helping an ex co worker with the care of her mother and she is currently in a nursing home recouping from hip surgury so i have not been working for about a month now. But we both did agree that if either one gets worse then they are now, thats it we are taking it to the vet to at least see what is going on and try to stop it.

I dont know if i could handle fostering personally, i get attached so quickly and cry so easily..shoot i cry when i watch them vet shows on animal planet and the animal rescue shows as well i ball like crazy...i know i am in the medical field myself and yet when an animal is hurt i cry like a baby! I have no shame, just warm hearted i suppose when it comes to animals and their well being!

August 2nd, 2007, 08:08 AM
im fostering a kitten who showed up on our back porch and i tell you, its hard to think of giving her up!! im a stay at home mom of 2, we already have 3 cats and a huge dog so having someone else willing to pay for vet care was really important. we cant keep her but i would rather have a hand in finding the right forever home for her.

you are saintly for taking these poor babies in!!


August 30th, 2007, 04:27 AM
even if you have to get a syringe with no needle and force the nursery water or pedialyte into them hydration is the key to survival parasites are bad news, I can hardly wait to get these kittens from a feral mom wormed i know thewy have worms they have pot bellies and vomit but its usually after they have raced around the house really fast could be from the racing they are fast but i know they have fleas and mites and probably worms but the vet says no treatment until they aretwelve weeks old sadly they drink water on their own out of one pottery bowl we leave in the bathroom for them they never vomit except after they have been extremely active racing wrestling and they eat like pigs

August 30th, 2007, 04:37 AM
Some cats are lactose intolerant, I personally never encountered it so I think it depends on the genetic makeup of the cat just like not all humans are lactose intolerant it's okay to try yogurt on them but don't feed that to sick kittens, yogurt gives me diahhrea seriously stop the yogurt for now and I would not give them Kitten Chow it is dry cat food that is higher in sodium than they need. I know not all cats are lactose intolerant but some are, feed your kittens diluted Iams kitten food, diluted with sterile water or nursery water Make sure your giving them pedialyte or nursery water by syringe or bottle so they have electrolytes because hydration is crucial I feel so grateful that my four from a feral Mom are so healthy and only vomit when they race around and probly get dizzy and are 99% of the time fine and good eaters and drinkers of water, I need to just get them to the age of treatability for worms, fleas and mites and an age when vets feel comfortabl dealing with them i got a cat once off a dairy farm and he drank cows milk exclusively as a kitten until i got him and had a hard time switching him over to cat food