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Does anyone know...

July 30th, 2007, 05:00 PM
my cat gator got his tail caught in a door and had to get part of it amputated and I know that the anesthetic can cause him to hallucinate this happened last wed. he doesn't really act like himself, does anyone know how long it will take for him to get back to his old self? I know the shock of the accident has some to do with it. Please let me know.

thanks Gators Mom

July 30th, 2007, 08:00 PM
Aw your poor kitty...:frown:

I'm sure he is just getting used to the tail being shorter, they use it in part for balance so it will take some time I'm sure. I'm sure he'll be back to his old self soon... with lots of lovin!:goodvibes:

July 30th, 2007, 08:19 PM
My male cat had anesthesia as well 2 weeks ago and took at least 4-5 days before he seemed more himself...2 weeks later totally back to normal!

Best of Luck

July 30th, 2007, 08:51 PM
Unlike humans. cats do not worry about the loss of body parts as much as we do. They adjust extremely well to amputation and I am sure your kitty will as well. Cats do use their tail for so many reasons - communication and balance are just a couple. He probably will take a couple weeks to figure out it is no longer there and how to work around it - maybe a little longer to fully adjust, a month or so.

We had a kitten who lost his entire tail and he barely missed it. He was like a little bobcat. Out little black kitty - this was when I was a child and around the age of three and I eruditely (being snarky here, lol) named him "Blackie". You would think my folks would have intervened and provided a more salient name but I guess they wanted me to name my own cat, lol He never really thought he needed one even tho his mom, a stray barn cat we had rescued, had one. (he was the on;ly one of the litter to survive and she had been on her own for some time but socialized very well and was a wonderfully sedate cat after being feral for so long! I loved her and miss her still - after all these yrs.)

To be brief, I am sure your cat too will adjust extremely well, Cats are smart animals and they know how to compromise and adapt! Better than we do as a matter of fact!

July 31st, 2007, 08:55 AM
Our Riley-kitty lost about 3/4 of her tail when she was a kitten (she was a rescue and the tail was injured when I got her). She was a little wonky after the surgery for a few days (it can take up to two weeks to really work out all the anaesthetic sometimes), but was happier once her ouchie tail was gone. It healed quite quickly, although it took a while for the hair to grow back in. Now she's fine without it, and uses it very expressively, despite it being so short!