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Adopted Dog health issues??

July 30th, 2007, 02:03 PM
Ok Im looking online as I recently adopted a german shepard from a county animal control center.I didnt really need another dog but they were getting his iv ready to put him down and when I asked what the problem was I was told he was 7 and no one wants an older dog so they get 1 week then get put down.Well couldnt let it happen so now he is home with me.Its been about 3 weeks not much background on him other then his last owner was going to be evicted and took off and the landlord came 2 weeks later and found the dog with no food and water .I have been trying to learn him and observe and have found a few issues I am concerned about and willbe going to a vet soon to have him neutered.He is a 7 year old male, non nuetered dog.He had an issue with his testicles where he licked them constantly til they were chapped peeling and raw.That has since stopped for the most part and the licking has fallen off greatly.He didnt have a solid bowel movement for almost 2 weeks was running.I was thinking maybe from dietary needs new water and stress.He is very sexually aggressive and wants to mount my female all day long and even me at 6 foot 6 and 275 he tries to grab me lol.I believe there is a slight discharge from his penis at times and he drinks heavily probably 4 bowls s aday so roughly 3 gallons.He has an issue I was thinking was territory marking as he would pee on everything inside 10-12 times a day even though I take him out to pee 20-30 times a day which he pees each of those times healthy full streams.I also noticed excessive sneezing which I looked at his nose and he has a scabby discharge from 1 nostrol which is ver red and inflammed inside.It appears to be blocked but cant get close enough to see as he guards it and it is painfull.I know a good vet visit is in order which is next week for his nuetering but would like hear if anyone has any ideas of what I might be looking for as far as known issues related to these things.Also does anyone have any good method to adjust a dog to cats as I have 2 and he seems to want to eat them.I will try kennel training with him in and the cats around him an hour a day as of now I have to keep them in the basement and I feel bad about it.Thanks in advance...

July 30th, 2007, 03:29 PM
How kind of you to save this not-so-old dog from being put down. You are already a champion in my eyes.

Considering how his previous owner left him alone, in a perilous situation, you have to wonder how he treated him before that. I would tell the vet exactly what you posted, the things you have observed and what you know of his past. He will probably need some vaccinations and to be checked for parasites (take a sample with you). If you can afford it, I'd have his blood checked as well.

Licking his balls is likely stress-related. Poor thing, imagine what was going through his mind in that empty apartment, it brings tears to my eyes. I'd like to string that guy up by his.

Through training, you will probably be able to get him to the point where he leaves the cats alone. Does he listen to commands? Meanwhile, make sure they always have a place to retreat to, where he can't follow. Maybe you could put some kind of barrier in front of the basement door, so they can come and go. Cats are quite good at evaluating risk. Of course all this would have to be under your supervision :) .

You'll find lots of good advice here. Welcome to the board.

July 30th, 2007, 06:38 PM
Badger gave you good advices . Thank you so much for adopting an older dog ! :thumbs up I think his issues are minors , and your vet will certainly get to the root of those. Neutering will help a lot. And time and patience.

August 3rd, 2007, 02:05 AM
I agree with badger the testicle licking is probably a coping mechanism for stress. The diarrhea might also be from stress.

However, the excessive water consumption and urination would have me concerned about diabetes.

I can't help with the nose issue but Dr Lee has several posts describing nasal problems. Look under the thread "bleeding from nose".

Finally, the desensitizationplan you have described sounds good.