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Found kitten in south Ajax, On

July 30th, 2007, 10:58 AM
I found this cat in the south end of Ajax. ( westney+ harwood) he was cying under a car.
if he's still around in the next few days i'll try and bring him to the SPCA. He's got only 3 front claws between both paws which is weird , he's a male obviously. black and gray on top with a white belly. he's got smokey coloured "O" on each side of him. Very cute and affectionate.. apparentl likes only wet food and sleeping on top of people or on their beds!
He's not fixed . Cutest little kitty though

(He was crying outside my door what was i suppose to do?!?! It's not often i let stray men in my bed i swear!)

anyways i can't adopt anymore cats so i hope someone claims him before he goes tot eh shelter my brother is deathly allergic