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Help!! My dog has diarrhea

July 29th, 2007, 06:53 PM
I am really worried about my ****zu, starting yesterday he has had diarrhea. His appetite and energy was normal yesterday. But today it has been a different story. He has had diarrhea all day and he vomited a little while in the car. He has no appetite and slightly lethargic. Help. I can't get into the vet until tomorrow morning..

July 29th, 2007, 08:22 PM
If this is a puppy, then he needs to see a Emergency Clinic Vet ASAP ~ puppies have far fewer reserves to draw on than do adults.

Your Shihtzu may have an upset tummy due to an ear infection, food poisoning, a pesticide in your neighbourhood grass, tumours in his stomach... you see where I'm going with this ?

Some dogs vomit and have diarrhea as an immediate response to something non-toxic ingested, sometimes it's more serious than that. You are the best judge of how serious it is if you pay attention to the symptoms.

If you think your dog is becoming dehydrated ~press his gums, if it doesn't immediately turn from white to pink/ or pinch his skin, if it doesn't immediately roll back into shape ~ then he needs to get some fluids. I've had success with Pedialyte.

If your adult dog IS dehydrated (takes more than 2-3 seconds for gums and skin to return to normal), get to a Vet and get an IV. And don't mess with this, dogs die from dehydration, specially puppies and little dogs.

If this is an adult dog with no signs of untreatable dehydration, you should fast him for today and tomorrow. Given the heat, I would permit water in small amounts frequently given. If he continues to vomit/ have diarrhea tomorrow, he absolutely needs to see a Vet asap.