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My 8 mth old puppy just diagnosed diabetic ...

July 28th, 2007, 11:35 PM
Hey, my 8 month old German Shepherd X Sib Husky was just diagnosed with diabetes on Tuesday of this week and I need some help finding out how to question the company who sold her to me. Here is the link to how it all started ...

Just to give a bit of background on what's going on here and explain what has happened from start to finish. I got her from a Pet Store in Charlottetown PEI Canada when she was 3 months old. She's always had a problem with peeing in the house. When we first got her she had a badder infection, mucus in her pee and discharging at times but we hadn't really noticed it was a problem until about a week before it went away, my boyfriends dad told us that's what it was. We were going to take her to the vet but it stopped and never returned not long after.

She still had problems peeing in the house (without mucus or discharge) but we thought it was because she just wasn't understanding that OUTSIDE is where the potty is. She learned to pee and poop outside finally for about a month or so and then just about a month ago she started again. Then about 3 weeks ago her intake of water went up excessively, she couldn't hold her pee at all and had to go out sometimes every hour but usually once every 2 hours BARELY making it to the door. During this 3 weeks she started to lose weight drastically. She went from 34lbs to 29lbs in two weeks (when she got weighed at the vet at the beginning of this week and I thought she was just skinny because she just had a growth spurt, so I thought she was at the gangly teenager stage) and at 8 months old she should have been getting heavier not lighter. Over the last week she lost ALL of her energy, was extremely lethargic and I had to carry her outside a couple times at the beginning of this week so she could get up the energy to go pee because she wouldn't get up for me (yes the vet was involved all of this week since Tuesday).

On Monday we called Emergency because that was when we noticed a major sign that something was seriously wrong with her. Her ribs were bloating and they told us to give her 2 tbsps of corn syrup in case she was diabetic because we explained the changes. The next day we got her to a vet because the emergency vet said she wouldn't be able to do anything for her because she didn't have a x-ray machine??? That didn't make sense to me either. The next day she was diagnosed Diabetic AT 8 MONTHS OLD!!! Since Tuesday and now, she has made a complete turn around, is starting to put her weight back on (at least it looks like it), drinking less, peeing less and a lot more energy.

I We bought her from 'Snookums Pets' and I'm wondering how a dog this young could have something like this. I found out recently that Snookums was apparently shut down due to Hygene and reopened?? I have to look more into this but I'm choked. I love my dog to pieces and we are going to do everything in our power to keep her healthy for the rest of her life but can I do something about this? She's never been really 100% since we got her and all of the symptoms just happened to hit her all at once this last few weeks and she went down hill drastically to the point where I thought we were going to lose her. We are both in our mid-20's and caring for a diabetic dog is expensive but that's not my point really, I want these people to see what they gave me and I want people warned if this was something they new about before they sold her to me. How do I get them to give me background on my dogs breeders? I don't think they will share that info with me but I just don't know what to do, I'm so upset and sad and frustrated and emotionally warn out from this week because I've been frightened that I'm going to lose my dog to this disease. What do I do??