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Cat Cramps?

July 28th, 2007, 02:36 PM
Ok, so Fagan again has managed to freak me out....

Last night Hubby and I were watching tv, and Fagan had just had something to eat, he was sitting on the floor watching Smoke eat up on the coffee table. When he went to walk down the hallway I noticed he was limping badly almost like he does when his knee goes out, but the knee is the left side and this seemed to be a problem with the right. Thinking 'oh great now his other knee is buggered up':frown: , I followed him into the spare room and layed on the floor while he hid under the bed (like usual when his knee goes out- I just stay with him till he feels better:o ). But less than 5 minutes later he comes out and the leg appears just fine, no limp or anything.

He did not jump down from any height or take off at a weird angle or anything prior (and his last depomedrol shot was over a month ago- usually if the shot causes an injury it happens within the first two weeks) so what I am wondering or assuming really is do cats get muscle cramps like us?:shrug:


July 28th, 2007, 10:30 PM
Don't know about cats, but I know dogs do. On occasion, both Ember and Cole have had to 'walk off a cramp', usually after sleeping in a cramped position. Once they've loosened up, the problem doesn't return (unless they go back to that cramped, uncomfortable spot and go back to sleep, anyway :D)...

July 29th, 2007, 02:22 PM
After this crampy thing happening just last night, I went and picked him up just a little while ago and his knee went out AGAIN!!! (Left side- the bad knee). I should KNOW BETTER!!!:yell: My poor little guy, I scooped him up when I was waiting for my bagel (he hovers for a taste of the cream cheese), and when I put him back down and gave him some pets he walked away limping. :sad: :frown: :frustrated:

So I layed on the floor in the spare room letting him lick the cream cheese off my fingers while he hid under the bed. He is such a trooper and I am such a brute. I just can't help it, I shouldn't pick him up at all, but he's just so damn cute sometimes and I forget.:frown:

I'll have to wait till he comes all the way out to see if it's back in place, usually he only hides about 1/2 hr to an hr and comes out good as new. I just hate that I cause him pain whether its an accident or not.:o