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E Coli

July 27th, 2007, 11:36 PM
I live next door to a breeder. Just the other day she had told a couple of us that a few of her puppies that she keeps in a travel trailer has got E Coli. I am afraid that our pets could get this as well. Is this airbourn, in dog food, could it just be something from the trailer she has them in? I do know that during the day the pups play out in the yard. And at night they are in the trailer that she has set up for them. Now there are other dogs, horses, cats, ducks, and goats over there that are doing fine. The only ones effected from this are the pups that stay in at night. What causes this and can it be spread over to us?

Dr Lee
July 28th, 2007, 10:36 AM
Escherichia coli is a bacteria and it seems to strike terror in the hearts of all who hear it. However there are thousands of various strains and many of them are fairly harmless. The concern of E.coli is when they are introduced into a body in large amounts, if they are a harmful strain and what antibiotics they may be resistant to. If a few of the pups came down with E.coli - how are they doing? This will likely be a good indicator of how this E.coli strain works. Diarrhea? Are they responsive to antibiotics? If the signs are more serious or fatal, then this is a serious problem.

If a trailer was covered in E.coli (likely from the feces) - it needs to be sterilized - such as bleached out. It will have like any other bacteria. If there was lots of contaminated feces/dirt/liquid/etc - then that should be considered a contagion and it needs to be cleaned and discarded and your pets should steer clear.

Here is a wikipedia link to E. coli:

I hope this helps. If any of your pets develop any signs of illness (such as fever, etc...) I would take them to your vet.

Good luck:pawprint: