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Pup with stiff hind quarters

Love BCs
July 27th, 2007, 06:52 PM
We have Border Collies:lovestruck: . June 13th one of the females gave birth:stork-baby: and we have 9 pups:cloud9: . They are all wonderful and we spend lots of time in the yard giving them individual attention, and watching them play and investigate their ever-expanding world. A couple days ago while watching one of the pups we realized he seemed more clumsy than his sibs:frown: . As we continued to watch we noted that he would take a few steps and fall or sit or lie down. After a moment or two he would get up and go again, usually with the same results, altho he sometimes would make it further and play etc. On closer consideration we noted he seems quite unsteady and maybe even weak.

The next feeding we noticed he didn't really have much interest in the food and when he has a BM it was not much. We called a breeder of Dobie's we know and gave her the story. She suggested giving milk (goats milk, we had been feeding his mom and then to the pups while prepping for weaning) and vegetable oil in case of constipation:sick: . We did this and he lapped it up (gave him-1/3 - 1/2 cup) next morning we gave him milk and eggs and he also ate a bit of the moistened puppy food with the sibs, seemed to move okay for a bit then back to the weak, stiff movements again. Lunch and supper he had milk & eggs again (and he had good sized BM in afternoon).

He still seems wobbly and weak, rather hunched in the hind quarters and somewhat shaky. I liken it to Parkinson's type movement or older dog with hip dysplasia. He may be a bit malnourished, perhaps he wasn't ready for the puppy food :fingerscr and wasn't eating enough before, but he doesn't show signs of pain/discomfort and still plays with sibs and older BCs. As all pups seemed to be progressing at the same rate, some getting chubby others lanky we hadn't noticed until 2 days ago that he was not as active. He comes as they all do when the dinner bell rings or when I call them all for playtime and good morning attention :dog: before breakfast.

I have spent some time reading this forum and paid particular attention to a couple posting:eek: ; one article on ticks and one on coonhound. I will check him over for ticks when I get home this evening and I know that there are raccoons around here but have not seen any around the house or yard. We take the mom and the other grown BCs for walks/runs/exercise and they may have brought a tick home or been in touch with raccoon saliva:yuck: etc.

I would be glad to hear any suggestions:confused: :pray: . If we don't see improvement within the next few days we will consult a vet.:ca:

July 27th, 2007, 07:29 PM
Welcome to the board Love BCs. One of my dogs is a BC/ Newf and I have come to adore BC's for many reasons.

I'll be up front with you ~ this board is extremely pro spay/ neuter and many of us work or volunteer with animals rescues, shelters and SPCA's or have adopted rescued animals. Given the number of unwanted and euthanized dogs in the world which we see happening as a direct result of backyard breeders and puppy mills, we believe strongly in leaving animal breeding to people who are professional breeders, people who have devoted their lives and livelihoods to furthering the "best of the best" of the breed.

With that said, given the extreme vulnerability of puppies and the very limited window you have to give them the help they need when they need it ( much like a preemie baby ) waiting is not in your puppies favour ~ and if s/he has something contagious not in the litters favour ~ I truly think you need to see a Vet with your youngster ASAP.

And again, welcome to Love BCs

Dr Lee
July 28th, 2007, 11:03 AM
I agree with mummummum, a veterinarian visit is in order. Sometimes it can be over prominent hardwiring which is a lay term for puppy nervous system development which can be seen by a cerebellar shaking. The other concern would be of a true neurologic problem or look a like problem. So a veterinarian visit may help look into this more. The puppies (6 weeks old, right?) are too young for hip dysplasia signs; however othe hip problems such as fracture could be possible.

One note:
Laxative choices: vegetable oil has been know to cause a severe pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas) in some cases. A standard or holistic dog/cat laxative would be preferable. They are also inexpensive

Good luck:pawprint: