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Rule of Thumb? Dogs in cars

July 26th, 2007, 12:25 AM
Hi - just wondering what peoples thoughts are on when its ok to leave a dog in a parked car.

Situation: 72 degrees outside (at hottest) and cooling down - 7-9pm, parked car in shade with two windows down. Dog walked before hand, one hour into it and afterwards. Checked temperature in the car and condition of dog at hottest and felt maybe 5 degrees warmer than outside (max). Dog was not panting and did not seem too hot. The alternative would have been dog stays home by himself all evening after being home alone for most of the day.

What do you all think? Ok to leave the dog in the car in this situation?


July 26th, 2007, 06:24 AM
I don't see any reason to take the chance, I would leave the dog at home.


July 26th, 2007, 07:30 AM
i guess it also depends on what YOU are doing. i will take Mister with me on cool evenings (the sun is gone, its cool out) if i can take him out for most of the evening but the car can be his kennel if he gets tired, too excited... but if i plan on being very busy, it would be more preferable to leave him at home, i wont be at or near the car. not only is he less safe without my supervision in my car but im sure he would rather be in the comfort of his home rather than in a car somewhere where mom left him, strange people walked by and made him want to bark a warning, things like that. also, i ALWAYS keep water in the car for him. they make a really great no spill bowl.... my hubbies parents have one if you are interested.


July 26th, 2007, 09:18 AM
I dunno... I just don't think I would that kind of chance ~ anything could happen, including having someone stealing your dog or your dog and your car.

That's not to say I haven't left my dog(s) in cars ~ I have but only when there are no other alternatives (like when I'm camping and have to "go into town").

Under normal cuircumstances I either re-organize my schedule so that I can spend some time with my dog(s) after they have spent a long day at home alone and before I have to go out in the evening, have my dog walker come in, take them to doggy day care or I just don't go out in the evening. Obviously there will be the odd day when they get the "bare minimum" of walks with me but I always try to make it up either late in the evening or the next day.

July 26th, 2007, 01:10 PM
yeah, i dont think ive ever left Mister in the car in a PUBLIC place like the grocery store unless its a trip to drop off a movie or our dump runs which leave us running not even 30' from the car and back in less than 3 minutes. it just seems like leaving the kids in the car ya know?? but we have a friend who lives out in the country and Mister goes into the car instead of the house with us when we eat or when we would normally kennel him anyway. they live on a 10acre lot along with about 30 other 10acre lot people. or another example is another group of friends who live in town homes and the are the end town home so we will kennel/car him when we are eating or he is exhausted and needs a break but he is still within sight of us. i cant imagine leaving him ALONE in the car. i imagine one of those times we wouldnt have a car. either someone would want to take it or he would eat it. lol!!

the whole deal is this- its cool out, we can see the car, its for short periods of time and there is an alternative to have him with us instead of the car.

like anything else in life, set guide lines and stick to them. dogs are the same responsibility ETHICALLY as children, regardless of how the law sees it. leaving your child in the car unsupervised for long periods of time is totally illegal. heck for ANY length of time is illegal (i think anyway). i have left Jeffrey sleeping in the car before but it was where i could get there in less than 10 steps, the car was either running or the windows were down and it wasnt where i planned on keeping him the whole time we were out. haha i cant tell you how many times we have moved the cook out to the drive way so he could sleep. *sigh* or how many times ive had to sit in the car and have my hubby dearest wait on me. *snickers* but i digress... this is abotu dogs and not babies... although how similar they are!

and i think we got a little side tracked too.... if you work full time and your pooches are kenneled most of the day, you have things to do when you ARENT working right? finding a solution for them in the afternoons while you go grocery shopping is hard.

i dont know what your situation is but if there is a teen near by that you trust who wants to earn a few extra bucks.... see if they cant come by and supervise your dogs while they are out in the house, in the back yard, play with them or whatever when you want to go out to dinner or grocery shopping or whatnot. *chuckles* i dont knwo abotu other parents but we have a babysitting fund set aside for bad days at work that need a quiet kidless dinner!!!

anyways, i have cookies to bake. (for us, not the pets this time!!!)


July 26th, 2007, 01:42 PM
the thought of someone stealing my dog out of my car is one of the worst thoughts i can conjur up...
esp since mine is a harmless pitty,
ive heard stories of animals being stolen and sent to testing labs, being used as dog fighting bait. just God awful stuff...:sad:
for that reason alone i would never leave them alone in a car with the windows rolled down.
its way too big of a risk, and i personally treat my animals like i would a child...and would hope thats how everyone treats theres...

it all depends on the area tho, and who you are comfortable with,
if its in a public place then i would say a definitive NO,
a neighbor/friends yard, a park where your car is always in eyes view...possibly

just use common sense really, but my advice would be if you have any inkling of a thought that your pet could be stolen, choose the other option!!!

Dr Lee
July 26th, 2007, 01:58 PM
my rule of thumb is based on the question, "Would I be upset if someone left me in the car?" If it is for a reasonable period of time and nice temperature - no worries. If I would be uncomfortable, then I alter my plans. :pawprint:

July 26th, 2007, 02:44 PM
I wouldn't risk it. My dog has never been left in the truck and I really can't think of any reason I would do so.

July 26th, 2007, 06:26 PM
my rule of thumb is based on the question, "Would I be upset if someone left me in the car?" If it is for a reasonable period of time and nice temperature - no worries. If I would be uncomfortable, then I alter my plans. :pawprint:

:laughing: im sure there are times where my husband wishes i had stayed in the car. :)


July 26th, 2007, 09:42 PM
Thanks everyone for your responses. I was mainly trying to gauge whether there was a temperature rule of thumb. Im not too worried about someone stealing him, the windows weren't down far enough to where someone could reach in and grab him (big dog) They'd have to be willing to break the windows to get to him which would set the alarm off which I would have heard. Although I couldn't see him he was proabaly 50 feet away from where I was eating. Hes a mutt and the thought of someone wanting to steal him bad enough they would break into my car seems pretty unlikely to me although im sure its a possibility.

We do have a dog walker who comes mid day every day and takes him for a walk. I always try to plan my evening schedule around him but last night was a situation where my boyfriend and were both going to be gone for most of the evening so in order to maximize my jasper time, i took him to the park on the way to meeting my friends for dinner - we walked and then he came with me to dinner. I thought (knowing my dog) he would be happier closer to me then at home all day by himself which is why he had some alone time in the car for a couple hours.

I agree with Dr. Lee and thank you very much for that comment Mr. Lee - my rule of thumb has also always been, would I be uncomfortable if I was in the car. Thats why I went out and checked on him after a little while, to make sure the car hadn't heated up too much - when i was satisfied that it hadn't, and he was not panting or acting over heated at all, i put him back in to finish dinner. He also had access to water during this time.

ok, guess thats it. Just wanted to explain myself :)