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Housebreaking tips

July 25th, 2007, 12:21 PM
I was just wondering if anyone has any good tips for litter box training a female chihuahua.

July 25th, 2007, 10:53 PM
Welcome to the board by the by !

Consistency in my books is the best training word around. Is this a puppy or an adult ? Obviously puppies have much smaller bladders and haven't quite got the "I've gotta go" (continence) signals down pat yet. But a older dog who has had free reign to do her bizness anywhere and anytime she pleases may be resistant to training. With puppies you can pretty much count on them having to urinate/ defecate soon after mealtime as well as about every hour but older dog's systems are a little slower.

Taking your dog to the litterbox when you think it's time or when she is just about to go and staying there until the deed is done is the best way to get your dog into a continence routine. When the deed is done, give her BIG praise and fuss over her to tell her that using the litterbox is a "good thing" . If she uses the box on her own without prompting ~ again LOTS of even BIGGER praise so that she knows that is what the end goal is with you. And obviously keeping the litterbox clean so that she wants to use it ~ though dogs seem to be less fussy about this than are cats.

If there is an accident, don't bother with correction after the fact, she won't understand and will think you are "off your nut" for reprimanding her for no apparent reason. If you catch her in mid-accident, a stern "No" and move her even if she is in mid-stream immediately to the litterbox, giving her mild praise when she finishes. Clean the area throughly to remove any scent or marking.

Consistency & praise ~ can't be beat !

July 26th, 2007, 02:24 PM
Thank you very much for your reply!:) She is 10 months old so I guess that would mean she is still a puppy.

Thanks for the advice, I will start this immediately....wish me luck :fingerscr

July 26th, 2007, 02:53 PM
Good Luck ! :goodvibes: Keep us updated on how you are making out ~ who knows you might have a tip to share ! And we would love to see pix of your Chi puppy in the photo forum!