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Stinky, soft poop??

July 24th, 2007, 11:10 AM
Ive asked this question previously/ mentioned my kitten hazel's extra stinky poo but it hasn't gone away :S

Is it maybe food allergies? I had him on orijen and then after even the vet complained about his poop, I switched to wellness...were starting the 2nd big bag of wellness now (i have 2 cats) and his poop is still pretty crazy.

Hazel also farts, a lot. Very smelly, what the heck was that farts. I can also always tell who's poop it is in the litter box, because unlike onnie who has dark, more formed poops, hazel's poop is always just a blob. A soft blob that I cant even scoop, but first have to push litteer on it ( if he hasnt covered it..oops, sometimes leave the litter box uncleaned for too long).

Sorry for being so descriptive, but Im just worried something may be wrong? Is it maybe the occasional canned food ( merrick) that makes his poop like that? Him and Onnie share a can (he eats most of it) of it almost every morning, though they sometimes go a week without a can. It's a different flavour evry day ( maybe too much change on him?).

It seems like his poop on orijen was better, but maybe today was just an extra bad day cuz he got into some bread yesterday and had his canned food. He consistantly passes nasty gas though...

I read online it may be worms, but he was dewormed at the shelter and my vet ( who suspected worms cuz he's so skinny yet eats so much and cuz of the stinky poo) did a fecal test and it came back negative. Also no worms in the poo ( yes i realize i inspect his poo too much, lol).

Help?? The vet suggested I change his food to one of the vet supplied brands...but I want him on high quality food ..that and changing his food = chaning Onnies.

July 24th, 2007, 11:48 AM
I have heard a lot complain about soft stools on Orijen, and my Windy had a heck of a time on the Wellness, they may be too rich for your kitties system. There are many many higher quality brands to try before you resort to the 'vet food'. California Naturals, Felidae, I'm sure there are many suggestions if you browse through the food forum.
Also have you tried a digestive enzyme suppliment to help kitty digest the food? They sell them in pet stores and prob. at your vet that you just shake on top of the food, they help them digest the food and firm the stool.

Oh and watch the people food, I know when mine get into it they get terrible gas and indigestion.

July 24th, 2007, 12:43 PM
Can you try switching Hazel to all canned and nothing but canned and see what happens then? Some cats have GI issues as a reaction to the huge amount of processing that goes into making dry food, not to mention the excessive carb content of most of them (cats don't need carbohydrates). This goes for ALL dry, even the so-called premium brands, it's just the nature of how it's made. If you can find a grain-free canned food with very little extra vegetable content, it might make a difference.

July 25th, 2007, 11:49 AM
thanks krdhamer and sugarcatmom, ill give it a try. here's hoping it works!:fingerscr