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transitioning to raw for cats-and cats are comatose after eating!

July 24th, 2007, 09:15 AM
is this normal for the transitional stage? I have started them on portions of raw ground chicken with organs and this supplement: I'd like to stick to chicken for a while. 2 of the cats have been diagnosed with IBD, and the other one had low-ish potassium levels at his last blood test. I have been wanting to transition to raw for years now, and have found a good butcher nearby as well as this easy to mix in supplement. Is it normal for the cats to pass out (deep sleep) for hours after they eat? Will their bodies get used to it eventually? Its nice that they are so mellow, I must admit-but I dont want them to lose their kitteny-playfulness either. thanks.

July 24th, 2007, 10:36 AM
i just went through that site, you might want to try taking the supplement out and feeding chicken muscle, liver and heart for a few weeks and see if things dont improve. cut the chicken muscle into long strips as many cats refuse to rip the meat off at first. you can bash the larger chicken bones (thigh and wing bones) with a hammer (wrap in a plastic freezer bag, push all of the air out and then wrap in a thin towel first) to make sure they get enough calcium. i wouldnt suggest feeding a whole liver in a day but cut it in half and feed them a few days apart. see if their energy doesnt improve a little. ive only fed raw meat and saw a dramatic change in my cats energy levels.

i feed muscle meat with bashed bones every day, half a liver on Mondays and Thursdays. some weeks i add a 3rd half of liver so Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and i add heart 3 days a week. if i add fish its on a no organ day and it includes the heads(uh... they like heads?).

i dont see anythign alarming in the supplement you are feeding. perhaps its just too much for right now?? it might take a bit more to digest.

thanks for the site BTW, ive been wondering about folks who feed whole mouse/rat and bugs. id like to encourage ours to eat a few crickets and mice/rats. the baby chicks might be a little too much for me.

also, when feeding bashed up bones, stay away from thick bones. my cats have no problem with chicken rib bones(unbashed) for example but they dont crunch up whole leg or wing bones. lazy?? i dont know. i bash those up for them but not bones THICKER than 1/2" or so. also, to be clear, i bash them ON the meat not without meat. less messy. :) if the bashing is a bit much then use dried egg shells. i dont knwo how much egg shell you need to compensate. someone posted it a while back.

keep us posted!!