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my dog has a permanent cone head.

July 22nd, 2007, 10:14 PM
My mini wired hair daschund has a history of an anal abcesses. It flares up and heals and for awhile he seems fine .About 8 months ago we noticed a sore on his but and he was licking it .This was different then usual abcess as there was no swelling or dsischarge . My vet called it a hotspot.. so we put the collar on and put up with the banged up ankles ...etc
we have not been able to remove the collar, every time we take it off he proceeds to lick it but raw.. we tried the bitter apple spray .,It works for about 20 minutes then he licks it off.. We are at our wits end as it is is not fun living with a dog who has a permanent cone attached to his head. He is gettign snappy also Not that I blame him . We have tried everything we can think off.the Vet says itis behavoural problem ..the dog does have his problems ..he has OCD and is very stubborn .
Does anyone have any suggesstion to help us .If we don't resolve this soon we have talked about putting him down.It would break our hearts but I have a nerve condition and everytime the dog walks by and hits my ankle It swells up and causes me great pain.
Sorry this is so long but thanks for reading

July 22nd, 2007, 10:33 PM
:sorry: ~ doesn't sound like much fun to deal with day after day. But perhaps there's help on dealing with the behaviour itself from a psycho-social training standpoint. Have you thought about seeing a professional behaviourist to help deal with the OCD behaviour which is causing the excessive/ irrational harmful licking ? In terms of a medical approach, has the vet suggested any meds to help deal with the behaviour ?