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Ok Should I Or Should I Not

July 19th, 2007, 11:34 AM
Ok, have a puppy, 10 weeks old and of course she's not potty trained. And I have her in a little kennel with a bed, but I"ve been putting a potty pad in the front part of the kennel, because when she wakes up at night she jumps out of her bed and tees or poos.

I've read different things and I'm wondering if I'm teaching her its ok to do this in her kennel (Den). But I now she can't hold it all night? During the day I take her out all the time, but she pees SOOO often, she does have accidents in the house, she will jump in her bed to sleep, but won't go during the day on her pee pad in her kennel.

I know she is still young and can't control her bladder, any advice.

Oh and this a.m. her kennel was open while I was cooking my breakfast, she climbed in on her own and decided to have fun on her clean poddy pad by cratching it and playing with it. :evil:

July 19th, 2007, 11:38 AM
Absolutely no way should you allow or encourage her to pee in her pen. When you have a pup that young, you also inherit the task of WAKING UP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT SEVERAL TIMES to let her out to releive're right, she can't hold it, so you're only teaching her terrible manners by letting her pee/poo in the crate. So set the alarm and get ready for some sleep deprivation, but know that it's only temporary and your housetraining will be much faster when you consistently take her to the same place outside when she needs to go.

Welcome to puppyhood!!!:D

July 19th, 2007, 03:39 PM
lol yep, what bendyfoot says... get up at least 2 times a night and stay up a little late and get up a little earlier. make sure the kennel is small enough for now so she doesnt feel comfortable peeing and pooping. also time your feedings earlier so she isnt having to poop at night. we also limited Misters water at night although he always got drinks when he woke up to go potty.

for example:

we go to bed at 11pm and get up at 7am normally. we had to change this a little after we brought the Black Fur Ball Of Doom home.

he would get his last drink at 10pm, go potty at 11pm, we would hang out and make sure he went at 12 pm. then we would wake up at 2am for a potty and a drink, again at 5am for a drink and potty and then be up for the morning at 7am.

one thing that helped us with potty training was having a bell on the door. if its a small dog put it on the wall at nose level. every time you take them out to go potty have them nudge it with their nose. we just had to pick Mister us a little and he would naturally stick his nose wherever we pointed him.

after a while he would jingle the door bell to go out. make it SECURE where ever you end up putting it!!! i cant tell you how many times i had to get it back from Mister for running off with the danged thing. *sigh*

is the kennel in your bed room or somewhere you can hear her whine?? most dogs whine a little before they pee or poo in the kennel. im at a toss up as to WHERE the kennel should be. if we had Mister in the BR with us he would have peed on the floor a hundred times TRYING to get to the door. as is we kept him in the kitchen AT the door so i just had to open it up and he would get the leash on as he flew out the door. worked like a charm but its really suggested for you to have them in the room with you so you can hear them if they have to go.

good luck!! keep us posted!!


July 19th, 2007, 09:34 PM
Baxter had just got to the point of being able to hold it all night and then we got Bentley:rolleyes: We take them out at 11:00 and then I'm up at 4:00 to go to work and take them out as soon as I get up. That's usually fine, but Bentley sometimes wakes me up around 3:00 to go out. They're little peeing machines when they're little :laughing: . I have a nap for an hour when I get home from work to help make up for some of the lack of sleep.:p