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Sweet-smelling pee with confusing UA findings

July 19th, 2007, 06:42 AM
have an 11 year old male, un-altered samoyed named Shiro. The main CC is that he has developed very odd smelling urine (it smelled almost sweet) about a month ago. There was no incontinence, difficulty, noticeable pain, or increased frequency. I took him to the vet where he had a UA and bloodwork done. The bloodwork was normal, but the vet also said that the UA ďscreamedĒ urinary tract infection, and prescribed Clavamox and Hillís prescription diet s/o for the struvite crystals. No urine culture was done.

The prescription diet hugely diluted Shiroís urine. The sweet smell was still present but faint and at times hardly noticeable.

Two weeks later I had the bloodwork, UA, and the vetís SOAP note faxed to me for my own records.

The only abnormal findings in the UA were the presence of bacteria, some absurd amount of neutrophils (99.99%), epithelial cells, and a moderate amount of struvite crystals. (A past routine check up UA that was analyzed 5-6 months ago revealed normal findings + a mild-moderate amount of struvite crystals. I was told not to worry about it unless I saw Shiro straining or retaining urine.) Iím unhappy with this most recent UA because the urine sample was siphoned off of the floor of the cage Shiro was in. I know that this should not affect the struvite crystal findings, but it makes me severely question the supposedly UTI-related bacteria finding (especially b/c they didnít do a urine culture) and slightly question the epithelial cell finding. I donít have any personal experience in seeing the microscopic differences between tubular epithelium and normally sloughed off epithelium. Iím also not sure what happened with the neutrophil count, but it looks like a lab error. Iím further confused because the pH of the urine was reported as 7.0, and I was under the impression that the struvite crystals donít form in neutral pHs. My main concern with the UA is whether or not it is a viable test and if I should just write off majority of the results to poor samples and lazy interpretation, or if the results are able to point to something concerning Shiro's sweet stinky pee.

Currently, Shiro is on a diet that's 50/50 the prescription diet and Nutro Senior food. Shiroís urine has moments where it still smells sweet. It ranges from very noticeable to practically normal and varies throughout the day with no noticeable pattern. I was thinking that he may just have an asymptomatic UTI that never went away or recurred, maybe a prostate infection (prostate size is normal)? Other than those, I have no idea what could be causing his urine to smell this way or what course of action should be done next.

Also, are avocados poisonous or healthy for your dog? Iíve read so many conflicting opinions and have even seen numerous dog foods, even from Breederís Choice brand, that boast using avocados.

Thank you for your time! :crazy: