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July 18th, 2007, 03:00 PM
I need help what to do with my 9 months old Beagle- Nova...

Nova has been.. snapping at my nearly 3 years old daughter and.. I think that Nova doesn't like to be bothered or play from my daughter. But I thought that Beagle breed would be a great family dog especially with children.

So, just a while ago, Nova slept on couch next to me and Stella came to me.. Nova snapped at her nose. I feared that she would do something to Stella's eyes or maybe worse. Nova hasn't really bite yet. But I feel she will.

So, I told Nova not to do it again and put her in the cage. She knows but will do it again in a couple of weeks or so.

How can I put a stop?

My another dog, Malibu, the boxer, has been a wonderful dog around Stella.. I could say a best dog than ever.. But Nova is not really good with kids.

I feel so horrible.. because I have to put kid come first than dog.. but still.. I would like to put a stop and train Nova.. or something..


July 18th, 2007, 04:30 PM
Safety first right.

Personally, I wouldn't have a dog that snaps at my kids on the couch at all. Or on any furniture for that matter, at least until she knows all of the limits.

Indeed I have had to make Dory a floor only dog, because she used to do the same thing, and as parents it's our responsibility to teach our kids that the dog doesn't like to be bothered and to leave it alone, play with the other more friendly dog, supervised of course.

There was a point when I considered rehoming Dory because she was snapping at the kids, but honestly, once she figured out the rules of my home, she understood that she was not allowed to do that, ever. And, that understanding became clear when I got through to my kids about when the dog wants her alone time. Don't bother the dog when she's in her bed or under the couch, she's tired, but I also make sure that there is a time when all of us play together as well, showing Dory that the children are equal to me and that she should listen to them. When we all play together I can give the children direction about when to praise or give the dog a treat etc.

July 18th, 2007, 06:33 PM
Yes, that's what I considered to rehome Nova because my boyfriend won't like to see Stella get hurt by the dog. It just happened for the 3rd time since she's spayed... Just from couch.. nothing else.

I will try to get Nova out of the couch and be on the floor dog. I've trying for a couple of days.

Malibu's a floor dog because that's how she trained by her previous owners before I adopted her.

The methods I have been thinking.... maybe you disagree or agree...

Whenever I see that Nova needs her quiet time, shall I put her in a cage so Stella wouldn't bother her? The cage has to be in living room where we usually are or in the separate room such as bedroom?

I personally feel that Nova's a great dog around with people and kids like age 4 or up. Not toddlers because I told Stella to leave Nova alone whenever Nova's asleep. But Stella's very active and spirited who would think it's fun to play around.

It's a lot of efforts to train Nova to be a floor dog and Stella to leave Nova alone.

Any advice... disagreement.. experience.. anything.. please post here..

Thanks so much!!

July 18th, 2007, 06:50 PM
Yes. It is going to be a lot of effort to train your toddler and your puppy. And yes, you have to train both.

If you are unable to keep an eye on both of them - even for a minute, you need to crate the puppy. And the crate is just fine in the living room. You do NOT want Nova to think that being in her crate is a punishment, so you don't want to put her in another room to seperate her from the activities of the family.

There is no way to tell, based on breed alone, whether a dog is going to be good with kids or not. Labs are supposed to be great family dogs too, but I know several that are not trustworthy with toddlers.

I strongly suggest a couple of training classes with Nova. And if you don't want to do that then rehoming her is an option. Just be sure you are fair to her new family and are up front about her issues.

July 18th, 2007, 07:53 PM
First off, they are right. Nova should not be on the couch, or bed or any other position of importance. Do not try to get Nova on the floor. Get Nova on the floor. She needs to learn her place. If possible and your daughter is in no danger at all, let her hand feed Nova. Little bits of kibble in the palm of her hand. Simply let her hold the kibble and let Nova take it. Nova should have to sit for every bit or do some other trick so she is not getting treats or food or praise or affection for free. She needs to work for everything she gets. This is commonly refered to as NILF on this website and it stands for nothing in life is free. This method teaches the dog that his place is bottom of the pile and good things come to those who are obedient. Children and dogs should never be alone together anyways so if you cannot watch them then Nova needs to be tethered to you or in her crate. Too many accidents happen when children do not realize they are sending intimidating messages to the dog and the dog reacts. Not the dogs fault, not the childs fault, but somehow the dog is always blamed. Nova needs to go to obedience classes as it sounds like you are not familiar with dog training. Too many dogs that need it do not get the proper training and socialization as puppies and that is the main cause of dogs ending up in shelters. It is not fair to expect a dog to just behave if you do not know the proper way to communicate what you want. Obedience training will give you the communication skills and strengthen your bond with Nova. Beagles do make wonderful family dogs and are much happier when they are not the decision maker in the family. Please give her the opportunity to show you how great she can be.

July 18th, 2007, 09:33 PM
It does make sense...

We got dogs when they were a little older and well trained. That's why I was surprised over puppy.

Nova haven't get obedience training and it makes sense that she needs it. That's what we are going to do it..

Nova's doing good with Stella whenever Nova's awake and alert. She doesn't growl or snap at all.. just only at the times when she's asleep.

First- we are going to put Nova on the floor instead of let her be on the couch.. and we move the crate to living room. It will takes a lot of efforts.. but I think we can do it since I am a stay at home mom.. and balance the time.

In my heart, I know Nova will be a great dog.. it takes a lot of patience.. just like I did potty training her and she never make any accident here.. she knows that she goes to backyard and does her thing. She's smart but... I have to know that she's a puppy and continue to train her.

Thank you for the advices...

Please free to add more advices.. I'll be coming and check...

July 19th, 2007, 07:17 AM
also, since Stella (what a beautiful name!!) is only 2yo make sure she isnt eating the dog food!!!
you can make a pouch or buy a pouch for her to carry around the food in. make sure you look at Stella as getting the preferred position in the family.
feed her first and make sure your pooch sees it. always give Stella attention first, anyone who comes into the house gives her attention first. let Stella on the couch and such is a great thing. make sure you draw boundaries for Nova. she needs to have rooms she cant go in that Stella can... all of the thigns you can do to make Stella seem more important to the pack than Nova, maybe you can make a list of ideas that work with your family and home??? we were quite lucky that Mister knew that the only one on the chain lower than he was whatever goes into his food bowl. :) he is quite aware that IM the boss in this family HAHAHAHA!


July 19th, 2007, 12:45 PM
Whenever I see that Nova needs her quiet time, shall I put her in a cage so Stella wouldn't bother her?

I told Stella to leave Nova alone whenever Nova's asleep. But Stella's very active and spirited who would think it's fun to play around.

Just to add to what the others have said, along with training Nova, I think it's equally important that you teach Stella appropriate behaviour around dogs, and to not ever leave her unsupervised with the dogs until she's older. You should check out these websites for some valuable info on kids and dogs:

Below are some rules taken from the first link:

Teresa's Bad Rules

These are rules that kids in Teresa's dog obedience classes call the "bad rules" because they don't like some of them.

Following these dos and donts will help keep promote child safety around dogs and prevent dog bites.

1. Do not hug a dog, put your face close to his face or lie on him. Do sit beside your dog, rub his chest or scratch him on the side of the neck.

2. Do not play chase-me games with a dog. Do play hide and seek - where the dog has to find you or an object that you hide.

3. Do not play tug-of-war games with a dog. Do play fetch with the dog - teach the dog to trade the object for a treat so he won't try to tug.

4. Do not lean over or step over a dog. Do respect a dog's resting place - go around him or ask an adult to move the dog.

5. Do not bother a dog who is sleeping, eating, has a toy or bone, is hurt or has puppies. Do wait for the dog to come to you for attention.

6. Do not dress a dog up in play clothes. Do dress up your stuffed animals.

7. Do not hit a dog or poke him with a stick. Do be gentle with dogs.

8. Do not pull a dog's ears, tail or fur. Do scratch the dog's chest or the side of her neck - most dogs enjoy this.

9. Do not stick fingers or hands into the dog's crate. Do ask an adult to let the dog out of the crate if you want to pet her.

10. Do not play in the dog's crate. Do play "in and out of the crate" with the dog - toss a treat in - dog goes in to get it - dog comes back out - toss another treat in etc (with adult supervision).

11. If your dog does not welcome you with wagging and panting - leave him alone. Do wait for the dog to come to you for attention.

12. If your dog gets too rough or excited, be a tree ( until he gets bored and goes away.

13. Do not run and shout around a dog that is not in a crate. Do be calm around dogs; involve the dog in an activity such as chewing on a bone or playing fetch so he doesn't feel that he needs to chase you to have fun.

July 19th, 2007, 01:30 PM

*I moved the crate and big round dog bed to living room. So, Nova slept alright in the crate at the night time because my friend sleeps in the sofabed in living room so there is a human around for her to get used to sleep in living room.

*I told Matt and Bree (my friend) that Nova needs to be a floor dog so they helps me to make Nova to get down when she gets on the couch. It took a few try before she realized that we meant it.. so she went on her dog bed. Today- it took a couple try.

*I gave treats to Stella so she can give it to both dogs.. I told Stella to tell them to sit down but they heard me and sit. LOL.

July 20th, 2007, 12:50 AM
You are doing an awsome thing. Great start! I am so gratified to hear you are willing to do whatever it takes to make it work. Some dogs are just a bit more dominant and it sounds like you are taking great steps towards a well behaved dog. With some obedience training Nova will be amazing. She will be so much happier. Wait and see. It is a lot of stress for a dog to be making the decisions. Good work. Keep it up.

July 24th, 2007, 01:54 AM
To my surprise... Nova accepted the fact that she couldn't able to be on the couch. So, she sleeps on her dog bed or in cage.. depends on her mood. She did try to get on the couch, but I told her to get down so she listened.

It's all good :goodvibes: and thanks for advices. :grouphug: