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very lethargic cat

July 17th, 2007, 09:09 PM
I'm worried about my cat, who's always been a dynamo of affection and connectedness. When I was on vacation, the friend whom I entrusted to feed and cuddle the animals (I have another cat) thought he was scratching and biting at his inner legs and causing some skin irritation there. She took him to the vet, who diagnosed the problem as psychogenic alopecia and gave him an injection of depomedrol, a steroid in the cortisone family I believe - prednisilone repository. That was last Thursday. When I returned yesterday, and continuing into today (Tuesday), he's very distant, lethargic, not eating much at all, not responsive the way he always has been. Does anyone know if this is a typical response to an injection of this type? And if so when can I look forward to him snapping back into his old personality?? I spoke with the vet today, and he said the shot is long-acting, and I'll be consumed by worry and despair unless and until he returns to his old self. The vet said let's see how he does and maybe take him in if his condition continues to be this way.
Please help me out.
- Marco

July 17th, 2007, 10:15 PM
My Mischief :cat: did have a mild case of over grooming/scratching in the summertime it was not diagnosed by my Vet at the time as anything other than "the itchies", so she was never on meds except for the occasional cortisone shot if it was really bad. I had never heard of the condition until recently. I have no experience with the depomedrol so I can't help with that, but I do know that cortisone does tend to make them sleepy. I'm assuming your cat has never shown signs of psychogenic alopecia before your vacation? The stress of you leaving & the cat not knowing you'll be back probably were factors in bringing this on. (I'm not guilting you nor do I place blame on you) Once your cat realizes you are there to stay he will relax abit - when we left for Christmas visits to family we were only gone 2 days & some of my cats have given us the pouty I'm mad @ you & won't talk to you routine for a day or so, where as some were just happy to see us back.

Here is a link re: psychogenic alopecia

if you are still concerned about the condition of your cat you have every right to ask the vet for another appt.

:goodvibes: update us please & have you got any pics?? (of the cat not the alopecia):D