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How much canned food for kittens?

July 17th, 2007, 08:02 AM
Hi all,

So we are making the switch to canned food for our 3 babies. I've opted to stop with the medi-cal preventative canned and go for the Felidae canned (way cheaper and a better food). Anyways, as of right now, we are feeding them all equal portions, which total one of the big 13.02oz can per day.

Stewie weighs 7.5lbs, Molly 5.5lbs and Bruno 3lbs...should we be weighing the portions out based on their weight? The can says one 13.02oz can per 16lbs of body weigh per day per cat.

I dont want to underfeed/overfeed them...we also leave dry out for grazing...