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Kitten not always using the litter box... wants to use our bed instead... why?

July 14th, 2007, 12:18 AM
Here's the background:
We got our new Ragdoll kitten Taro 2 weeks ago (from a reputable breeder - got our first cat from her and have had no problems). We visited him weekly until he was old enough to come home with us (he's now 14 weeks) and saw that he was litter trained. When we took him home, we showed him the litter box. He didn't use it right away and then later urinated in our bed. From then on, whenever we caught him wandering around, meowing, and/or digging, we'd gently take him to the litter box and he'd proceed to do his business. We also confined him to a spare bedroom with food/water/litter box whenever we weren't able to watch him closely enough. Then he started using the box regularly without us having to take him there so we assumed all was well. He was also getting along well with our other cat so we stopped confining him to the spare room whenever we left the house, and he continued to use the litter box properly... until tonight! I caught him digging around in our bed again so I picked him up and put him on the floor and he had a bowel movement on the floor right next to the bed - he had just used the litter box immediately before that so I didn't expect any accidents.

He had a vet checkup 3 days ago (all ok). I had actually brought up that he urinated in our bed and we checked a urine sample to be sure - and it was completely normal. He eats and drinks well - eating raw food and snacking occasionally on kibble (same as what he was getting at the breeder's house). He's playful and energetic. We have 3 litter boxes for our 2 cats and we scoop them several times a day and wash them out regularly (we aim for weekly but sometimes we do slack on that part). We never scold/hit/yell at him, and we praise him profusely whenever we catch him using the litter box. So why the pee and poo in/around our bed?

I would really appreciate any suggestions you might have. So sorry for the long post!!!

July 14th, 2007, 05:29 PM
The post 'Confused By My Kitten' from June 19th in the general forum might be of help, we answer these questions a lot. Once they pee on the bed, if the smell is not completely removed (I found the key was a matress cover) it continues to be a litter box!