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Pit Bulls in London ON, and the cost to the city

July 12th, 2007, 07:18 AM
On today's news, the top story for London was about pit bulls and the cost to ACC and the city for dealing with complaints. Here are some "facts" on BSL and how it has affected London ONT monetarily and manpower-wise:

Pit bulls, are taking a huge bite out of London's animal- control budget.

The dogs make up about four per cent of the city's 25,000 licensed dogs, and take up 1/4 of animal control's efforts.

*costs linked to handling pit bulls are running about $170,000, or 10 per cent of the ACC budget per anum.

ACC is averaging 10 service calls a day and another 10 inquiries.

*a report on pit bulls is being prepared for next month.

There are an estimated 100 unlicensed pit bulls in the city and upwards of 300 more that may be illegal.

One ticket is issued every two days related to pit bulls but that many related complaints actually involve other dog breeds.

Just an FYI on how BSL is affecting Ontario, London in particular. Not sure if any city has provided such data to date.